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07 Mar 2018 Posted By Y Magazine

Opening Hours 24 hours, 7 days a week

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Sadaf restaurant, City Seasons hotel

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Sadaf restaurant
City Seasons hotel

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Meal for two: RO9.8



Lebanese, Mediterranean

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  • Rekha says:

    Visited this place yesterday. Good restaurant. Loved it!



We’re located at Sadaf restaurant, City Seasons hotel. Call in at

The hummus and mutabbal and fahita chicken served with vegetables defined the night. After washing them down with special tea offered free, Hasan al Lawati has no grouse about food but is a bit cheesed off with the wood

We stumbled upon the 10-day-old small eatery just behind the City Seasons hotel in Al Khuwair, an area that keeps proving that it can welcome an enormous number of coffee shops and restaurants, during one of my weekly restaurant hunts.

The moment we arrived we were overwhelmed by the hospitality of the waiter who explained that the restaurant’s name ‘Zahlawi’ comes from a Lebanese village called ‘Zahla’ where, according to him, people are known for their generosity and outstanding cooking skills.

We ordered hummus for starters, and they served us three free mini bowls of spiced hummus and mutabbal as well. It was easily one of the best hummus I have had in Oman, and tasted similar to the famous semsom signature hummus.

For the main course, I ordered a weird, uncommon meal of chicken and halloumi. Less than average, but mixing the halloumi cheese with chicken and getting it served in a clay pot was so intriguing.

My friend, on the waiter’s recommendation, ordered a plate of fahita chicken, served with vegetables. The guy finished off the meal in minutes. “Ten out of ten,” he said. He then ordered grape leaves which tasted equally good.

Despite coming an hour before midnight, the waiter invited us to a free “special” tea.

As we were enjoying the outdoor view of people slowly walking back to their homes after finishing their night shifts, we had the — and I take full responsibility for this statement — the best milk-less tea in my life. Sugary, yellowish, tasty and light. That sweet gesture by the waiter made our experience complete.

The prices, surprisingly, were awfully cheap, but that was their temporary menu, so I do not know if they will hike the prices once they start receiving more consumers.

If I had to complain about something, it would be the tables size (smaller than a Monopoly board). It was so small that they had to bring another one for the bread and appetisers.

The restaurant’s manager explained to us that the establishment was still under soft opening and they would be open 24/7 by next week.

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