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Lebanese Village Restaurant

When looking to go Lebanese on a night out, Nishad Padiyarath finds an eatery now emerging as an Instagram staple.

A stellar location has to be a factor when looking for a place to hang out, have fun, and eat well.

Dolphin Village, in Baushar, not only has a great view but also a great vibe. This could be down to the fact that it has more than a dozen eateries here.

The newest eatery here is the Lebanese Village Restaurant, which really comes to life after dark. 

It has been the talk of the town ever since it opened in June. Social media has been abuzz with fans posting Instagram images of some of the meals they have sampled and savoured here. 

So, on a recent Sunday evening, my friends and I headed to Lebanese Village Restaurant for an early dinner. 

Located, right behind Dar Al Atta’a charity office near the Dolphin Village, the restaurant can certainly dish up an amiable atmosphere that’s perfect for socialising.

“This is one place where you can spend the whole night chatting with your friends,” said my friend, casting his eye around. 

Yes, he is right. Despite its moody lighting and striking décor, the restaurant radiates a warm and welcoming ambience.  

At one end of the restaurant, we could see people smoking sheesha (this place is slowly becoming a popular sheesha joint), while at the other end families were heartily tucking in. 

We took a table near the window that offers a spectacular view of Baushar city. 

The menu is impressive, with a variety of dishes to choose from. We ordered hummus with tahini, Lebanese salad, mixed grill and Arabic chicken shawarma with fries. 

“Have we chosen well? Did we miss any special Lebanese highlights?” I asked the waiter. He gave a light nod with a smile. In less than five minutes, the food arrived.  “Usually in a restaurant like this, you would have to wait a long time to get your food,” said my friend. 

I quickly plopped the garden green salad on my plate and spooned out a portion of hummus on my plate. I have a penchant for hummus with tahini, especially when eaten with Arabic bread (Qubs). 

I wouldn’t say the hummus was the best I have ever had but it was thick, creamy and thoroughly satisfying. The mixed grill (Lebanese Village grill, as mentioned in the menu) was unlike what you would get in a Lebanese restaurant: there was no Arabic bread or hummus served alongside it. However, it was worth it for the portion of grill that was served. In true Lebanese fashion, you get three pieces each of chicken tikka, shish tawook, beef kebab and a piece of lamb chop along with garlic sauce and fries. The presentation was top-notch and the meat, succulent. 

The Lebanese shawarma was the best I have ever had, no question. The creamy garlic and crunchy fries inside the sandwich endowed it with an edgy crispness with every bite. 

We also ordered fresh lemon mint juice but it turned out to be a little on the bitter side. 

The total price of the dinner was RO15.530. If you are searching for an authentic Lebanese restaurant, then check this place out. 

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Info Box

The Lebanese Village Restaurant
Baushar behind Dar
Al Atta office

Opening hours:
12:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.
Contact: 9911-3344
Dinner for three: RO15.530

Verdict :
8/10 Service
8/10 Food
8/10 Ambience
Excellent food that is value for money.