Taste Test: Bakery and BBQ Qurum

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07 Jun 2018 Posted By Y Magazine

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Qurum Gardens Complex

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Arabic, Lebanese, Mediterranean

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    We’re located at Qurum Gardens Complex. Call in at 95618461

    The staff need to be more communicative, the menu could have a bit of description and the eggs fourno needn’t be so cheesy. Team Y relishes the evening otherwise, seasoned with the taouk sandwich and awesome pickle

    On a Ramadan evening we walked into Bakery and BBQ, a Lebanese restaurant located at the Qurum Gardens Complex. The brightly lit eatery has red brick walls with wooden tables and blue-coloured chairs. A couple of huge black and white photos adorn the wall depicting the old charm of Lebanon.

    The menu consisted of appetisers, fourno, salads, pizza, sandwiches, BBQ platter, pancakes, milkshakes and fresh juices. Out of curiosity we checked with the restaurant staff to understand that fourno dishes are cooked in traditional earthenware dish. Since it was Ramadan, they claimed some dishes like shawarma were not available as the staff were on leave.

    We ordered taouk sandwich, eggs with cheese fourno, mix grill BBQ platter and sweet melon juice. The taouk sandwich was succulent with the right amount of pickle stuffed inside the soft qubs bread. We were so enamoured by the pickle that the extra servings along with the sandwich vanished in no time.

    Since we don’t eat red meat, we asked them to limit mix grill BBQ platter to chicken. The platter had two types of chicken, hummus, pickle, two dips, French fries and fluffy qubs bread. The grilled chicken was ordinary with no flavours whatsoever. We have had better chicken grills in Lebanese restaurants in Muscat. Eggs with cheese fourno, the dish we ordered out of curiosity, was too cheesy for our liking. The sweet melon juice was average.

    Basically, whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, there’s a delicious plate out there waiting for you. Among the appetisers served are foul medammes, labneh with garlic, mutabal and cheese nachos. Under the earthenware fourno, the eatery serves eggs with awarma, tagliatelle carbonara, tagliatelle alfredo and bolognese, among other dishes. Salads include noodles and crab, halloumi shawarma salad, chicken ceaser salad and Greek salad.

    The restaurant serves a variety of pizzas, including trio formaggi and vegetarian and goat cheese pesto. Interesting sandwiches like sujuk liver and tareb find a mention on the menu. There are plenty of options in the B&B BBQ platters section. An assortment of crepes, pancakes, fruit skewers, milk shakes, fruit juices is also available.

    The wooden tables and chairs look good but are not very comfortable. If the restaurant staff were more communicative, we could have tried more items on the menu. Also, the printed menu doesn’t come with description of dishes – all the more reasons for the staff to explain the dish in detail to the diners.

    All said and done, the restaurant menu looked interesting. We have decided to visit the restaurant soon to dig into shawarma and pasta.



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