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11 Oct 2018 Posted By Y Magazine

Opening Hours 7:00 a.m. till midnight

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Street 6, Al Mouj, Muscat 118

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Dinner for three: RO40.4




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    We’re located at Street 6, Al Mouj, Muscat 118. Call in at (+968) 2418-1363

    Team Y tries a British-themed eatery with Downton Abbey-type décor, and a brass neck when it comes to presenting the bill.

    fancy restaurant with a British theme in the heart of Oman’s luxury township, Al Mouj; what could possibly go wrong? As it turns out, in the case of the Shakespeare and Co. eatery – everything!

    But we’re jumping the gun, here, because we’re obliged to say that there’s more to the overall experience than simply gorging on the dishes.

    The décor, for instance, is splendid. Walking into the restaurant, a soothing familiarity and an aura of Britain’s golden age – not unlike that portrayed in period British dramas – took over.

    It was all very promising – and frankly we couldn’t stop ourselves from snapping images of the replica chandeliers, lamps, thick-frilled curtains, and the calming light colours of the walls.

    Nevertheless, our waiter promptly handed us our menu. It’s an elaborate one that packs in everything – starting from breakfast (with everything from pancakes to waffles and beef bacon) all the way to steaks and calorific milk shakes – and is presented in a fancy hardcover book.

    For starters, we ordered ‘The Crunch’ and three drinks – a chocolate milkshake, a green dragon, and a strawberry lemonade. For mains, we decided to do a smoked salmon salad, a blue cheese salad, and a classic chicken roast.

    Surprisingly, the starters arrived in about five minutes. While we were impressed by the alacrity of the service, it begged the question as to whether or not the platter, which comprised mozzarella sticks, spring rolls, breaded calamari, and potato sticks, had simply been thrust into the fryer and from there onto our plates.

    And, it didn’t take long for us to realise that it probably had. The vegetable spring rolls were the star-turn of the meal – and even they weren’t enough get our taste buds flowing. The golden crust on the outside was overshadowed by the veggies inside that were too hot from the oil they had been soaked in.

    On the other hand, the calamari were dipped in what seemed to be an endless abyss of batter, with our bowl of sorry-looking squid looking like it had (figuratively) shed a kilo of skin. The accompanying mozzarella and the potato sticks were bland – and at RO9.5 – frankly, the most expensive frozen food we’ve ever eaten.

    The chocolate milk shake went amiss, too – and we’d rather you do the one from Baskin Robbins if you want a quality drink. However, it must be said that the strawberry lemonade and the healthy (kale-heavy) green dragon were delicious – and we’d gladly pat the chef on his back.

    The main course arrived soon – and by soon, we mean a mere two minutes – after. Again, we appreciated the speed of the chefs in pushing their food through quickly but were left disappointed after our first bite.

    Not only was the blue-cheese on the salad sparsely scattered, it wasn’t delectable at all – and our friend had to set it aside after having a few pecks at it.

    The traditional chicken did have its own perks – and the shredded chicken was well-roasted on the outside. But, in what we thought was quite strange, the dish was doused – and by doused, we mean drowned – in piping hot mushroom sauce. We didn’t complain, though, and the meal was quite scrumptious overall.

    Even the mashed potatoes on the side were thick in consistency and a perfect side for the mushroom sauce and chicken. They didn’t linger on our plates for too long.

    The last of the dishes – the salmon salad – was refreshing and fresh. The veggies were all crunchy, and the chef had been generous with the dressing. If we were to nitpick, though, we’d say that the salmon was a tad too fatty and chewy. Still, it went down quite nicely.

    That said, our experience at the Shakespeare and Co. was mixed – but it all soon made sense when we were handed the bill.

    “RO40.4,” it read.

    And that summed up the evening. Heart-wrenchingly expensive chain food at Al Mouj – it’s almost like they don’t need to try hard to rake in customers. It’s a pity how all that décor and efficient service is let down by the deplorable food.

    Doth we protest too much, Shakespeare and Co?  No.

    Do you have a favourite restaurant that you’d like to see reviewed? Let Y know at

    Do you have a favourite restaurant that you’d like to see reviewed? Let Y know at

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