RazmAzaan The Avenues Mall Oman

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28 Feb 2018 Posted By Y Magazine

Opening Hours 10am - 11pm

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The Avenues Mall Oman

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Dinner for four: RO26.6




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  • Rekha says:

    I visited this last week. Just an ordinary one.



We’re located at The Avenues Mall Oman. Call in at 91944999

By Alvin Thomas

A casual dining option can come across as a bit unnecessary when looking for a quick bite in a mall with several splendid shopping options. Nevertheless, the RazmAzaan has been doing well.

Walking into the restaurant at around 11pm the restaurant was packed .

A waiter brought us a basket of papad (a thin, crisp disc-shaped food) and a bowl of green and sweet chutney.

The papad was oily to the point that it wasn’t edible, but the chutneys were splendid.

We then opted for Hung Yoghurt Potatoes to start things off, and a bowl of RazmAzaan black dal, a larger bowl of paneer makhani, brown rice and rotis.

It took about seven minutes for the starter to arrive. The dish was merely spiced potato cutlets with a dash of yoghurt on it. Still, the dish was succulent and, even if a bit oily, scrumptious.

The main course took an agonising 20 minutes to arrive. The brown rice was served in a large bowl and was steamed well, while the whole-grain rotis were soft and spongy.

The paneer makhani, too, was delicious.

Where the chef really took the cake was with the RazmAzaan black dal. The dish with the black lentils and thick gravy was top notch. 

Lastly, we ordered a plate of gulab jamun and Teacup Phirnee. They were a great finish to our late supper.

The gulab jamun was hot and done well, and the accompanying vanilla ice cream added to the overall sensation of the dish. 

In all, we were satisfied with the experience. Give RazmAzaan a try; it’s definitely worth the money.

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