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30 May 2018 Posted By Y Magazine

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Private bay of Al Jissah

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Iftar for two: RO39



Arabic, Desserts, Indian, Lebanese, Mediterranean

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    We’re located at Private bay of Al Jissah. Call in at 24853000

    With Ramadan well under way, Matthew Herbst decided to combine a relaxing day by the seaside with breaking fast at a beautiful resort with his nearest and dearest

    The day started more than perfect with a beautiful drive towards Muscat Hills Resort, dipping in and out of the hills of Muscat and being presented with turquoise waters.

    Upon arrival at Muscat Hills Resort the main intention was just to chillax next to the water which would assist enduring a day of no beverages or snacks seeing that it was Ramadan after all.

    With having an iftar in mind for later, my girlfriend Carolin and I were not sure where exactly our iftar would be enjoyed. We were pleasantly surprised to hear about what was on offer at the resort and had our hearts and minds set on giving their iftar a go.

    The surroundings make it ideal, with lit-up mountains and lawned seating areas outside of the tent for those not wanting an iftar but looking to enjoy mocktails with shisha.

    After our glorious day in the sun we headed off towards the lawns to take in all the beauty on an unusually cooler evening than most. In front of us was a red carpet that led us to the entrance of what looked like an average-sized tent but upon entering was quite vast and filled with a huge buffet spread. We were hungry and to see all that was on offer made our stomachs grumble even more in anticipation.

    The tables were beautifully set up and the background music was very much part of the flow. We didn’t waste any time in heading towards our starters. In front of us was a huge selection of salads and dips of every kind of variety you can imagine.

    We loaded our plates with a little bit of everything as you do on a buffet. From fresh salads to the hummus and different types of breads on offer we knew our stomachs were going to burst when leaving later. However, we continued without fear.

    We then loaded up on the tastiest of soups. Carolin opted for chicken while I without fail knew the wild mushroom soup would be a major hit. It was that much of a hit that Carolin had her eyes on mine, so decided to have a bowl as part of her main dish.

    We requested some soft drinks and water to help wash down the feast and it was welcoming to know that the first round was included in the price of the iftar.

    We quickly cleared our starters of salads and soups to head toward the main event of the buffet. It was dish after dish of every kind of meal you could think of to cater for everyone’s taste buds. I chose to take a little of everything again except rice or anything too starchy.

    On offer was a range from meat to fish, vegetarian and even vegan, from tuna to hammour smothered in a yellow saffron sauce, biryani, chicken kebabs, chicken pieces, kibba, varities of pastries, chicken harees, steamed vegetables, tofu, the list was endless.

    I settled on that the best dish for me was the fish in saffron sauce. It fell apart on the plate oozing with sauce and melted in my mouth. My girlfriend isn’t much of a fish lover but took a bite regardless. Even after my recommendation, nothing could persuade her to like the dish. Carolin opted for a vegetable curry which she said was delicious and went back for a couple of rounds of different things like tofu. Sensibly she feasted on much smaller portions than I did. Smart move.

    Every mouthful was as delicious as it looked and even though I thought my taste samples of everything looked like a fair portion, I can say without a doubt it was more than I could chew and was ready to burst at the seams.

    Despite this, Carolin was keen on the desserts. I knew I could only stretch a little more before I had to give in, so opted for light fruits of the melon variety and a cheese cake slice. I admit I also threw in a small slice of Kunafa but by the end of my sweet adventure there was no way that kunafa made it towards my mouth. The cheesecake was unusual and not your average type so only managed half of it as it was a little too sweet for my liking. We were then offered Omani coffee to close off what was undeniably a massive feast of the finest kind.

    The resort met our expectations on the quality of food and service. And we were told their restaurant during the year was fantastic as well. I will return to check out the restaurant when Ramadan is over and look forward to sampling Italian cuisine.

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