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27 Sep 2018 Posted By Y Magazine

Opening Hours 11am till midnight

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Al Mouj Street

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Dinner for three: 14.3




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    We’re located at Al Mouj Street. Call in at +968 2418 4284

    Team Y has been turned off tacos and tortillas after Lacklustre treatment of stodgy South American fare.

    Let’s get one thing clear right away: there’s no magic in the Magic Trailer restaurant. If you’re expecting authentic Mexican food – as is advertised – you don’t get that either. This then, is quite frankly, a classic case of a restaurant falling into the matrix of ‘style and no substance’.

    And we pity that, because on the face of it all, this restaurant has the look of a fancy Mexican eatery.

    Walking into the restaurant reveals what must be inside the mind of a 12-year-old child: there’s a mix of sofas and tables, and additional trailer-style seating in one corner; all lit up by tungsten bulbs and neon lights.

    In an odd way, it all works out for the best. Nay, the décor is splendid. There are even crates of Mexican-style cola for those looking for a true fan experience.

    But, situated in the heart of Al Mouj Street in Seeb – an indomitable location in the grand scheme of things – the Magic Trailer has a lot to prove; more so because the prices rival those of higher-end eateries around Shatti. And while it does so well on the ambience front, it loses out on the chow.

    The disappointment begins when you open the digital menu that is presented to you on an electronic tablet. While it stands out as creative on paper – complete with images of the food for your reference – what you’re left with are low resolution photos of food and a slow-to-respond interface that begins to grate on your nerves.

    Once you’re done fiddling with the menu and straining your eyes, however, you’ll realise that what you wanted to order was on the first page, and that you spent 15 pointless minutes looking at photos of Indo-Mexican and American dishes.

    Keeping our frustrations aside, we (Team Y) ordered a platter of Mexican Mix, a Truffle Pasta, Berry Tea, Smokey Berry, and a Lychee Cooler to kick things off.

    The drinks were the first to arrive but they failed to reel us in.

    The Lychee Cooler, for instance, was too sweet while the lychee itself was as sour as lemon. That said, the accompanying lychee slice was cold and putrid as well.

    Meanwhile, the Smokey Berry – which (as its name suggests) is a berry-based cooler prettified with dry ice for a spooky effect – was a letdown too.

    The flavours were a step above when compared with the Lychee Cooler, offering a strong tang of fresh berries. But we were a bit disappointed to see that glass wasn’t topped off. Stinginess – that’s not what we expect when we pay RO2.1 for a drink.

    The pasta was the next to arrive – and we instantly declared it off-putting. If the lavish layer of overpowering truffle sauce wasn’t enough to throw us off, the overall consistency of the base definitely did. Truffles are generally neutral in nature, emanating only an earthy aroma and flavour. None of that applied to this dish – instead, the cheese and truffle sauce blend, coupled with the moist chicken, left us with a gooey and overly viscous plate of pasta; all accompanied by a vile smell of aged cheese.

    Speaking of which, the dish was served to us in a cooking pan (!) And while that earns consolation points for presentation, we weren’t provided with plates. So, we had to resort to eating off the pan with forks.

    Next to arrive was the Mexican Mix – which consisted of two beef quesadillas, a chicken and beef enchilada, two corned beef chilli tacos, nachos, and three dips: guacamole, sour cream, and pica de gallo.

    At some point, there was also a desperate attempt by a waiter to melt the grated cheddar cheese atop the quesadillas. It was all in vain, and out of pity, we politely asked the waiter – armed with the miniature blow torch – to leave it as it was.

    Nevertheless, expecting a reprieve, we dug into the platter. And as was the tone of the night, though, we were left disappointed… yet again.

    The brisket in the quesadilla was cold and mushy, thereby rescinding the freshness of the bread. The corned beef tacos, too, seemed to have been sitting out for a while; the shell was clearly soft, and the beef cold and unpleasant.

    The only saving grace was the nachos, which, come to think of it, could have been packeted tortilla chips. It went down well with the (miserly) serving of sour onion and guacamole – due to which, it didn’t last too long on our plates, either.

    Frustrated with these unfortunate turn of events, we decided to leave – vowing to never return to the Magic Trailer… at least not until they pick up their standard of food and revise their kitchen ethics.

    Else, it’s just money down the drain, really.

    Do you have a favourite restaurant that you’d like to see reviewed? Let Y know at

    Do you have a favourite restaurant that you’d like to see reviewed? Let Y know at

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