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20 Jun 2018 Posted By Y Magazine

Opening Hours 7am - 2:45pm; 5:30pm - 10:45pm

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Wadi Kabir

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Near Indian School Wadi Kabir

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    We’re located at Wadi Kabir. Call in at 24821811

    This paper-thin pancake stuffed with a delectable mash of potato and onion is the global icon of Udupi cuisine. Y discovers there’s tangy-tasty-crunchy more to Udupi and Mangaluru than the traditional masala dosa, right here in Muscat.

    If you like to tuck into some fluffy idlis, crunchy urid dal vadas, and flavourful masala dosas (or dose as they say in Karnataka), then there’s a new vegetarian restaurant in town to slake your hunger. Gokul, located near the Indian School in Wadi Kabir, has been serving authentic Mangaluru and Udupi vegetarian dishes for more than six months now.

    The brightly-lit restaurant, devoid of fancy interiors, has paintings from coastal Karnataka dotting the walls in reminiscent fashion of the rich culture and tradition of that region. There’s also a small section reserved for families only.

    The restaurant staff handed us the menu which had south Indian items like idli, upma, pongal, poori bhaaji, umpteen varieties of dosas, pulao, and vada. There are daily specials from Sunday to Saturday featuring items like lemon rice, tomato bath, neer dosa, bisi bele bath, lemon sevai, and much more.

    We ordered for idli, masala dosa, paneer manchurian, and vada. Like a typical Mangalorean outlet, the food arrived quickly. The soft idli, accompanied with chutneys and sambar was polished off in a jiffy. The delicious masala had the flavour of ghee. The potato bhaaji in the dosa was nicely done – unlike many other restaurants which make it slushy and unappetizing. The crunchy vadas dipped in sambar and chutney were bursting with flavour, while the paneer manchurian was fragrant and savoury. Finally, we washed down our feast with fresh watermelon juice.

    The restaurant staff were warm and friendly and, if you spoke a few words of Kannada or Tulu, are happy to exchange some pleasantries with patrons. Gokul has the yummiest Mangaluru and Udupi food in Muscat as of now – and they’ve put in a lot of effort to get the authentic taste of coastal Karnataka right. Affordable quality food with good flavour is what they offer and, by the looks of it, they’re doing a decent job of serving aficionados of south Indian vegetarian food in the Wadi Kabir, Muttrah, and Ruwi areas. With no marketing whatsoever on social media, radio, or print, they’ve (successfully) allowed word of mouth to do the talking.

    If you’re a Mangaluru and Udupi vegetarian food aficionado, head over to Gokul. You won’t be disappointed with this taste of home.

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