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07 Feb 2018 Posted By Y Magazine

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  • Richard says:

    Once of the best place to have mouth watering burgers….



We’re located at . Call in at 24480508

Matthew Herbst rediscovers the truth: it’s hard to beat a big burger dripping with melted cheese and topped with delicious fillings, with delectable cherry milkshake to wash it down and the best buddy to catch up with

My fine-tuned taste buds were excited when I got given the opportunity to write a Taste Test for Y again. Of course I was going to include my trusted taste tester and colleague Neal Bowden from Merge 104.8. He had just returned from a trip abroad and couldn’t think of a better way to catch up with a good friend. This is when two guys decided that Five Guys was definitely the way forward to fill our grumbling tummies.

Neal is the one who is always in the know about new eateries around town and I still stand to date that he is a bad influence on my waistline because of his good taste in food. In saying that I didn’t hesitate when he suggested to eat there.

With huge hungry eyes, Neal explained how to place the order and that a list of sauces and extras were free. I had to seriously stop myself from overloading my BIG cheese burger for fear it will end up a soggy mess. He also advised that small chips were more than enough as they overloaded the little cup — in other words you’d probably find the equivalent at the bottom of the brown paper bag. On that thought I imagined that large fries would be good for not one but five guys so settled for the small.

I loaded the BIG CHEESE burger with BBQ sauce, ketchup, mayo, relish, pickle, tomato and mushroom. It was sure to be a soggy mess, but I was ready for it. After all I was starving. Neal isn’t much of a cheese fan so had a BIG BURGER with onion, tomato and ketchup. Sensible. Both with little cajun fries. I was advised to taste the cherry milkshake and because we both love cherry drinks of all sorts I didn’t hesitate to request one.

We took a seat and we were surrounded by food reviews framed on the walls of what looked like a mum’s red and white kitchen from the eighties. Seated around were all sorts of age groups and families and the fact that it was so busy was promising albeit a little loud.

Not sure how the system worked I left it to Neal to know if and when our order was ready and he explained that if you were to be hungrier than hungry you could scoop up free peanuts while waiting. How generous! Not that I required any nuts with the sizeable meal that arrived quite promptly.

I unwrapped a huge burger dripping with melted cheese, an almost sloppy bun due to the amount of sauces and fillings I asked to have loaded on. Every bite was as succulent as it looked and it was cooked to perfection. It reminded me of the burgers I used to have as a child at a local roadhouse (road diners famous in the eighties) in Johannesburg, South Africa but bigger and 
far tastier.

Neal ate his burger quickly, not leaving a single crumb in sight and looked satisfied with his choice. The cajun fries were spiced just right —not too salty and with the right crispy consistency.

Neal was absolutely correct regarding the amount of fries, there were loads and I couldn’t finish my small cup. Neal having a bottomless pit of a stomach assisted me on the quest to finish the small fries. I must add though that if you do have a nut allergy that FIVE GUYS would be a bad choice for you as they use peanut oil to prepare the food with. So take note of their branded potato bags and boxes of oil they have stacked in the restaurant. Alternatively check if they have nut free options but I don’t think it would be
safe though.

We washed down our burgers and fries with the delicious cherry milkshake. It was so delicious that I was tempted to order another but knew that this time round I wasn’t wearing sweatpants to cater for the stretch and that I would be awfully embarrassed if my trouser buttons had to pop off. So with my stomach at a comfortable level, I dismissed the idea.

I must say that Five Guys is absolutely worth going to and it will leave your taste buds wanting more. It’s is a tad on the pricey side, but then again worth it even as a once-in-a-while treat. I highly recommend it and will be heading there again soon myself. Spot on Five Guys.

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