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20 Dec 2018 Posted By Y Magazine

Opening Hours 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

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Muscat, Al Barkat St. 111, Way 3105, Behind Sultan’s School

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The Sultan's School

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Snacks for three: RO12





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    We’re located at Muscat, Al Barkat St. 111, Way 3105, Behind Sultan’s School. Call in at (+968) 9306-6666

    At Y, we like a carb rush and can find no better place than 3rd Street Donuts to indulge in our sweet treat of choice.

    Doughnuts and freshly-brewed coffee. Is there a better way to start the day? It seems the US doughnut culture – buying a bag of six with a coffee to take away on our way to work – has spread to Oman.

    Now, we must confess: it’s not our first time at the newly-opened 3rd Street Donuts café. In fact, it has become a hangout spot of sorts for us. We like to head to the outlet past Al Khoudh after a long, hard day rather than before it.

    The décor consists mainly of wood: the chairs, the tables and the counters have all been doodled on with simple yet winsome illustrations.

    As soothing instrumental music plays in the background, everything has a homely feel about it that is comforting after a hard day’s work.

    Heading there discreetly for a review didn’t seem fair since we are regulars. So we let our friends, who are visiting for the first time, go on ahead.

    Sitting on one of the wooden banquettes with their matcha lattes, our friends greet us smiling like Cheshire cats. They are just itching to dive into the 12 doughnuts they have just ordered.

    Among the 12 are selections of Oreo crumble, Pistachio bomb, LA-glazed doughnut, Christmas tree doughnut, Coffee with vermicelli, Bear-face doughnut, Butter crunch bomb, Boston cream bomb and our favourite, the Nutella bomb. All look exquisite and colourful in the white presentation box.

    Table manners are cast aside when enjoying doughnuts, except for when you’re having the bombs. These are filled to the brim and require constant attention to avoid staining your clothes.

    But, armed with nothing but our bare hands, we dig in.

    The Nutella bomb, dripping with a light sprinkle of sugar and an inner chocolate/hazelnut filling, stands out and oozes a perfect blend of chocolatey goodness and soft dough.

    Our friends take a shine to the Oreo crumble and the pistachio doughnuts but are slightly chastened by their heavy dough.

    Still, with a generous dose of white chocolate and pistachio cream and nuts, they deem the doughnuts to be more than palatable.

    By the time they’re done, there are just three doughnuts left.

    We manage to pick up the Christmas tree doughnut before it is snagged. Maybe it’s the festive spirit lingering in the air but there is something oddly satisfying about digging into the deep Nutella fillings of the otherwise cream-shielded doughnut.

    While the word ‘perfection’ comes to mind when biting into it, we feel ‘Christmas in our mouths’ is even more apt.

    The same can be said about the in-house espresso, which is a blend of 3rd Street Donut’s own selection of imported coffee beans. With a slightly tangy undertone and a hint of sweet aftertaste, the coffee compares well with some of its market rivals.

    One letdown is the matcha latte. It’s a blend of latte with powdered green tea leaf, which in my friend’s words, is “too sweet, which matches sickly with the funk of the matcha”.

    The absence of an authentic doughnut shop since Dunkin Donuts closed a few years back has meant a gap in a seemingly lucrative market.

    But the future looks bright for 3rd Street Donut’s. With the amount of effort put into doughnut production, no one does them better than these folks.

    That’s why we think they could revolutionise breakfasts in Oman. A coffee and doughnut could replace the famed karak tea and chicken sandwich combo so loved by Omanis.

    And at Y, that’s fine by us!

    Do you have a favourite restaurant that you’d like to see reviewed? Let Y know at editor@y-oman.com

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