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This hidden beach is a paradise for campers in Oman

A sunrise excursion to one of Oman’s plentiful hidden beaches finds Shaquel al Balushi on the rocks.

The beauty of living in a coastal country is that the pull of the water is ever-present. With 3,165 km of coastline, Oman is blessed with stretches of breathtaking shores that draw visitors and locals alike to bask in their tides. Yet, for those who dare venture along the roads less taken, the rewards of discovery are all the greater. 

This was the case as we set out before the sun on a hazy Thursday morning, on the road to Pebble Beach – a remote strand of rock-strewn seaboard just past Wadi Shab, 150km south of Muscat, or about a two-hour drive. Don’t expect large crowds at this remote locale. In fact, don’t expect any crowds. On this morning, as the rays of daylight broke through the clouds, it was just us and a small family of wild donkeys to keep us company. 

Early morning is the best time to go as the temperature is perfect for a leisurely walk or swim before the mercury rises. Just pack a picnic and a few flasks of coffee or tea and listen to the sound of the waves lapping against the shore. 

If you don’t have a four-wheel drive vehicle, not to worry; this slip of rocky beach is easily accessible without the need for a 4×4. You can even take a taxi to get there – although it might cost you an arm and a leg!

With little shade, be sure to pack the factor 50 and don’t be afraid to take a dip or bring your snorkelling gear, keeping an eye out for the abundant marine life that makes the shallows their home.

Beachcombers will find a treasure trove among the jumbled rocks and sea-glass, and driftwood formations. And for the rest of you? Well, how does solace among the swells sound? 

How to get there?
Set off down Route 17 from Muscat heading towards Tiwi and Wadi Shab. Take the exit past Wadi Shab Resort and be on the lookout for the road-signs for ‘Shab’. You can’t miss the beach as you’ll see the water twinkling from the distance. 

Coordinates:  N22° 50’ 40” E59°  14’ 32”