Vimto safe for consumption, clarifies Ministry amid reports of counterfeit products

07 May 2020
POSTED BY Ashlee Starratt

Oman’s Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources (MRMWR) has issued a statement in clarification of rumours circulating about two types of Vimto, a beverage popularly consumed during Ramadan, being available in the market in both its original form and, also, an alleged counterfeit variety.

Photo credit: MRMWR

In a statement issued online on Wednesday, May 6, the MRMWR stated that, after conducting lab tests on samples of the beverage, it has confirmed that the product meets Oman’s approved quality standards.

Claims of a counterfeit Vimto product alleged to contain food additives and colours at high concentration levels that could have a detrimental impact on children when consumed.

The MRMWR has denied this information as false, stating: “Vimto contains food additives that are not allowed to be used in food products unless evaluated by the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives, whose main task is to ensure that the quantities consumed of the substance do not exceed acceptable levels, and that it can be consumed daily without any risk to health.”

The MRMWR further clarified that, in order to help consumers make an informed decision when purchasing, all food and beverage companies are required to issue warning labels on their products when any of the following colours have been added: E-numbers tartrazine (E102), quinoline yellow (E104), sunset yellow (E110), carmoisine (E122), ponceau 4R (E124), and allura red (E129).

The Ministry said that the warning in reference to these colour additives should state on the label that: “It may have a negative impact on the activity and focus of children.”

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