Omani nurse who contracted COVID-19 determined to fight on after recovery

03 May 2020
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Wadha Al Harthi, a young Omani nurse who contracted COVID-19 during her service at the Royal Hospital has said she won’t think twice about returning back to battle coronavirus and save lives, upon her recovery.

Speaking to Y’s sister station Al Wisal, Al Harthi said that she, her brother, and his wife decided to move away from the family home as a precautionary measure, as the three of them work in the health sector.

“We wanted to keep our elders safe — especially when the number of cases in Oman started surging,” she explained.

During her shift, a week after she left the house, the staff was questioned at the hospital after a nurse became infected with the virus, and Al Harthi’s supervisor asked her if she had any symptoms of COVID-19.

Al Harthi told Al Wisal: “At that time, I had no symptoms until after the test. They asked me to stay in quarantine until the results appeared.”

Wadha Al Harthi tested positive for coronavirus. She is one of at least 60 health workers in Oman who became infected in the last two months.

Luckily, she suffered only minor flu-like symptoms and lost her sense of smell and taste completely.

“I was in fear and kept questioning myself if I will pass this stage. Thanks to God, I am recovering,” she says, while calling on people to stay home and ensure that their elders are safe and protected.

The Ministry of Health (MoH) announced yesterday that 2,483 people in Oman have tested positive for COVID-19, with 750 patients having made successful recoveries, and 12 deaths recorded thus far as a result of the virus. 

The MoH has also confirmed that 40,000 people in the country have undergone COVID-19 testing.

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