Oman’s Ministry of Health offers advice to help patients head into a healthy Ramadan

20 Apr 2020
POSTED BY Ashlee Starratt

With the Holy Month of Ramadan just around the corner, Oman’s Ministry of Health (MOH) has offered general advice for healthy fasting to patients.

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In a statement issued online yesterday [Sunday, April 19], the MOH has guided patients on the following:

1. Patients should check with their doctor before fasting during Ramadan to confirm that it is safe for them to fast, and that there will be no resulting health complications by doing so.

2. If a patient has received advice from their doctor that it’s okay for them to fast, then they must also discuss with their doctor or pharmacist the recommendations for an adjustment in schedule of any prescribed medications while fasting.

3. Patients with underlying health conditions, such as diabetes, are advised not to forget to do their daily checkups such as testing their blood sugar and blood pressure regularly.

4. To minimize any risk or problems that would require the intervention of a healthcare professional, patients should ensure to avoid junk foods and follow a healthy diet during Ramadan.

5. The Ministry of Health advises patients to go to the hospital emergency room in cases where severe problems or symptoms occur, such as high blood pressure, for example.

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