COVID-19: Royal Hospital addresses medicine shortage claims circulating on social media

29 Apr 2020
POSTED BY Ashlee Starratt

Oman’s Royal Hospital has issued a statement in clarification of claims circulating on social media regarding shortages of some medicines.

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The statement, which was shared online by Oman’s Government Communications Centre on Tuesday, April 28 reads as follows:

“According to what is being circulated about the availability of some medicines, we would like to clarify that the Royal Hospital purchases more than 1,600 medicines from countries around the world to provide them to all patients.”

Due to the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, along with the stoppage of many means of transportation, and decisions issued by some countries to stop exporting, this has led to a shortage of 16 medications of the 1,600 that are imported, and a number of steps have been taken by the hospital to obtain them.”

“As for the medication ‘mitotane’, the hospital imports it from the UK in specific quantities because the number of users is limited, and coordination is being made to bring it from another source due to the interruption of export from the UK, and the medicine is expected to arrive soon.”

Royal Hospital officials also stated that they are working with relevant authorities from the Ministry of Health and its specialists to avoid such shortages and strive to provide all medications as effectively as possible. The hospital clarified that due to some medications being manufactured only in specific factories due to property rights, challenges are faced now and again, and officials at the Royal Hospital thank the community for its understanding in light of this, amid the current situation.

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