Video: Watch ROP dispersing crowds ignoring Coronavirus laws

31 Mar 2020
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

Citizens and expats in Oman are bound by the Supreme Committee’s rules to combat Coronavirus (COVID-19) – and the Royal Oman Police (ROP) are working through the day to enforce the law.

However, as the Coronavirus rules continue to be enforced in Oman – all for the safety of the people of this nation – there have been several instances of people flouting them.

This has resulted in crowd gatherings for prayers, funerals, parties; and even cases of people opening shops that have been explicitly been asked to shut down.

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The ROP continue to crack down on such people; the penalties of which can be jail time and hefty fines.

In a statement on Twitter, ROP said: “No matter how arduous the task is, it is more important for the country to remain healthy with your solidarity.”

Below is a video of ROP’s efforts in maintaining the law:

Source: ROP

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