Medical staff to avoid taking leave during coronavirus outbreak, says Oman’s Minister of Health

05 Mar 2020
POSTED BY Ashlee Starratt

Health workers in Oman are being urged by the Ministry of Health (MOH) not to take leave as the Sultanate grapples with the containment of further cases of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus.

A ministerial decision issued today [Thursday, March 5] by Oman’s Minister of Health, Dr. Ahmed Al Saidi, instructs those staff working in the healthcare sector that:

Medical staff are not allowed to go on leave except in cases where it is an extreme emergency.

They are also requested not to promote any product whose efficacy is not scientifically-proven against the coronavirus or that is not certified by the Ministry, and to ensure that prices for medications and/or medical supplies are not unduly increased.

Finally, those who have been quarantined are urged to adhere to the guidelines and instructions set forth by the MOH to avoid public places and places of worship.

Currently there are 16 confirmed cases in Oman, with the latest being diagnosed in a student at the College of Banking and Financial Studies today [Thursday, March 5].

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