Madinat Sandan to celebrate grand opening this weekend with Lamborghini auction starting from OMR 1

05 Mar 2020
POSTED BY Ashlee Starratt

Want a chance to win one of the world’s top luxury sports cars? Then you’ll want to make haste to Madinat Sandan this weekend from 4:30 p.m. 9:00 p.m. to enter ahead of Saturday’s [March 7] auction of a Lamborghini for just OMR 1, as Oman’s largest sustainable industrial city opens its doors in celebration.

With festivities held over the weekend [March 5-7], there will be activities that the whole family can enjoy — including a classic car show, auto repair competitions, parachute and remote-control airplane displays, a kids’ play area with bouncy castle and trampoline, tasty food trucks and more.

Sandan Development celebrates the official opening of Madinat Sandan under the patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Saif Bin Mohammed Al-Shabibi, Minister of Housing, as the first fully-integrated city for light industries managed by the private sector in the Sultanate of Oman.

Madinat Sandan is located in Halban adjacent to the Muscat Expressway, and provides a new service benchmark in the Sultanate — distinguished by its integration of commercial and industrial activities, especially those related to automotive and building materials sectors. On-site offices include some government outposts, clearing agents, and other commercial services to assist businesses. Also providing service to this integrated city are banks, telecommunication offices, insurance companies, travel and tourism operators, restaurants, cafés, and a medical clinic. Area-wise, it also includes apartments of different styles and sizes for singles and families, a mosque, a petrol station, and much more.

His Excellency, the patron of the ceremony, toured the city and attended the various activities including auto showrooms, workshops, and construction services, expressing his admiration for the well-organized and fully-prepared readiness to do business easily and conveniently for business-owners, employees, residents, and visitors.

His Excellency Sheikh Saif bin Muhammad Al-Shabibi, Minister of Housing, told reporters that Madinat Sandan represents a modern model for complete industrial cities — as those in charge of them were keen to provide all service facilities, including government services related to doing business, which play a significant role in stimulating commercial and industrial development.

His Excellency added that the Sandan Industrial City provides many advantages to owners of car showrooms, repair workshops, and other activities to practice their business in an independent and organized place far from residential neighbourhoods, which reduces crowding and traffic — also noting that the presence of housing for workers with the availability of all service facilities and requirements for life has positive effects with regard to productivity.

Business-owners have started operating their commercial activities amid large demand from customers — especially car showrooms, auto services and repair workshops, as well as new and used auto parts shops, while commercial, construction, building materials, appliances, and electronics outfitters have all found their home at Madinat Sandan.

Mohammed Bin Sulaiman Al Kindi, Chairman of the Sandan Development Board of Directors, expressed his great pleasure with the official opening of Madinat Sandan as the first project for the group — one of many scheduled across different sectors. He stressed that Sandan Development is continuing to develop and proceed ahead with several projects, including the Myriad Muscat Residential Complex — the first integrated student housing complex in the Sultanate located in the Al Khoud area;  Al Seef  – Beach Villa Complex in Al Ashkara, and other projects Sandan plans to establish and announce.

He said that Sandan Development is keen to set up projects that meet the community’s need in all governorates of the Sultanate, in accordance to a clear strategy to meet the requirements of all segments, and to push the development process that the Sultanate is witnessing.

Al-Kindi added that the Madinat Sandan will be a preferred option for investors due to its integrated organization and facilities, in addition to the presence of government and private service institutions as well as its convenient location at the Muscat Expressway. Madinat Sandan is expected to receive more than 15,000 visitors daily, along with thousands of workers within the city, with 1,200 industrial units and 1,200 residential units.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors emphasized that innovation and technology-led projects are characteristic of Madinat Sandan as it embraces the first indoor car e-auction hall in the Sultanate, equipped with all modern systems, in addition to the open auto auction which is managed in an organized and effective manner.

Ali Hassan Sulaiman, CEO of Sandan Development Company, expressed his happiness with the opening of Sandan Industrial City, stating it to be a different model for doing commercial and industrial business as it was prepared in-line with the requirements of the market, confirming its success in attracting many commercial and industrial activities, especially those related to the automotive sector. This makes it a major centre for car trade and includes 47 car showrooms, repair and accessory shops, and the largest used car parts ‘scrap’ centre in Oman.

He stressed that the presence of services, both governmental and private, will have a major role in promoting commercial traffic. Madinat Sandan administration has been keen to provide services and communications solutions, travel and tourism offices, foreign exchange and financial institutions like Bank Muscat, in the context of ensuring the presence of some government agencies related to providing all facilities and clear procedures for investors and customers.

Madinat Sandan includes the largest market of used car showrooms in the Sultanate, along with other services supporting the automotive industry, such as insurance offices, finance offices, Sanad offices, part and accessories shops, and maintenance workshops for checking and repairing cars, four-wheel car garages, tire and polishing stores, ornamental and accessory stores, in addition to other commercial and industrial activities.

With the increasing demand by investors on the units of Sandan Industrial City, construction projects for new units have been started. Accordingly, Sandan will sign several agreements with various companies seeking to reserve their locations in the Sandan Industrial City.

Bank Muscat is one such client that has opened a branch in the Sandan Industrial area, supplementing the basic services needed by investors and service-seekers to provide various banking services in an important step to ensure ease of business and enhancement of expansion for commercial and industrial movement.

Bank Muscat provides financing programs for buying and selling cars, and it also has the largest network of self-service devices that allow the process of withdrawal, transfer, and deposit.

Ali Hassan Suleiman, CEO of Sandan Development Company, said that the presence of Bank Muscat in the Sandan Industrial Center reflects his confidence in the first integrated industrial city to be close to customers and companies.

Sandan Development is focused on establishing its projects on several basic criteria — including contributing to adding value to the national economy, uniqueness of innovative ideas, and contributing to serving different societal groups after a comprehensive study of the Omani market and its requirements, while ensuring that it is kept abreast of the latest developments in the field of real estate development.

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