Global demand for COVID-19 lab kits is slowing down testing procedures in Oman: Minister of Health

24 Mar 2020
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Oman’s Minister of Health speaks about how the Sultanate is controlling the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the challenges the healthcare system is facing.

In an interview with Oman TV – His Excellency Dr. Ahmed Al Saidi, Minister of Health – said that there is a lack of COVID-19 laboratory kits in the Sultanate due to global demand.

He said: “This is slowing down the testing procedures in Oman, but the Sultanate was one of the first countries to order new and improved products from other countries.

“However, the demand is still too high.”

He also added that 2,800 people have been tested in Oman so far; 84 of them have tested positive for COVID-19, while 17 have fully recovered.

He clarified that only two patients are currently in Intensive Care Units, and that most of the recovered patients are in home quarantine.

The minister said that according to scientific stats, the numbers of Coronavirus cases in Oman can touch 15,000 if no preventive measures are taken.

However, he said that these numbers can be avoided by following social distancing, staying at home, and reporting any symptoms as soon as they appear.

“Normally the numbers in such pandemics go high until they reach the peak, then they go down.”

The minister ended his interview pointing out how important it is to ensure that the increase is gradual, so that the healthcare system can accommodate all the patients.

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