Coronavirus: Oman supermarkets well-stocked with adequate supplies and foodstuffs, says General Authority

15 Mar 2020
POSTED BY Ashlee Starratt

Residents in the Sultanate need not worry about perceived shortages of basic supplies of necessities and foodstuffs which has led to ‘panic’-buying or stockpiling behaviour in other affected countries in the wake of the impact of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus.

In a statement made to Oman News Agency [ONA], the CEO of the General Authority for Warehousing and Food Reserve has confirmed that basic food commodities will be available in all shopping and distribution centres across Oman and that there is “no justification for concern” about shortages in the wake of COVID-19.

In the statement, which was published to ONA’s official Twitter account today [Sunday, March 15], the General Authority assured the public that “the governorates have completed their preparations to provide goods in the market,” and that the General Authority for Warehousing and Food Reserve is working closely with various government agencies and institutions along with the private sector to ensure that consumer needs are met.

In the statement, the General Authority praised this close collaboration between sectors as they “stand together in order to overcome these exceptional circumstances.”

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