Coronavirus: Here’s how you should be social distancing

26 Mar 2020
POSTED BY Ashlee Starratt

As Oman grapples with public awareness about the severity of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus, the Government Communication Center (GCC), in a bid to ensure compliance with directives for best practices surrounding home quarantine and self-isolation, has broken down the basics of social distancing and why it’s so important in the fight against the virus.

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In an infographic social media post shared on the GCC’s dedicated OmanVSCovid19 Twitter handle, social distancing is billed as “the fastest way to curb the outbreak of COVID-19,” and explains why its a method that requires a collective awareness of behavioural changes in order to be effective.

These include actions to “reduce communication and contact with others,” and are applicable to everyone — not just those who are ill or already under quarantine — in order to stem the spread of disease.

Tips for effective social distancing, as per the GCC include:

-Avoiding having visitors in your home.
-Not attending events or other social gatherings.
-Remaining in the house at all times, unless absolutely necessary.
-Keep a two-metre distance between yourself and others when in public.

As per the Ministry of Health, Oman has currently reported 99 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

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