Coronavirus: A free game to teach kids not to touch their faces

23 Mar 2020
POSTED BY Y Magazine

Awareness comes in different ways, shapes and forms. But for children, games can be an effective way to help create awareness.

With that in mind, board game designer, Steven Stwalley, has created a print-and-play game titled – “DON’T TOUCH YOUR FACE!”. The game aims at rewarding players for catching others touching their own faces during gameplay.

“It makes the surprisingly difficult task of not touching your face into a fun, competitive challenge,” he said in forum.

Stwalley added:  “I hope it gives some families out there some help and some laughs in these difficult times of itchy noses that must stay itchy.”

More print-and-play games are being released and circulated on the internet since Coronavirus has restricted movement and has sent cities into lockdown in most parts of the world.

To download the colour version of the game, click here.

For the black and white version click here.

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