Omani Products To Get Special Sections At Shops: Majlis al Shura Proposal

18 Feb 2020
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

To support local companies, the Shura Council has proposed to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to allocate special sections in supermarkets.

The Majlis al Shura proposed today [February 18, 2020] to dedicate a special and visible corner for Omani products in hypermarkets across the Sultanate to attract consumers and increase the product’s potential reach.

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The office also discussed some amendments to the Expat Residency Law in addition to several other topics, including adding the requirement of attaching equivalency certificate for candidates in management and technical jobs.

The Shura Council then approved a proposal to add ‘Insurance’ as a part of the curriculum in Omani schools. This proposal will be sent to the Minister of Education for her review.

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