Mazoon Dairy receives batch of over 2,600 cows

11 Feb 2020
POSTED BY Ashlee Starratt

A year after receiving its first herd of 3,400 Holstein cattle in February 2019, Mazoon Dairy has received a second batch of 2,625 Holstein cows to its farm in Al-Sunainah. Mazoon Dairy is Oman’s first homegrown dairy company, and now has over 7,000 heads of cattle on the farm, to meet an increased demand for locally-produced dairy products. The additional dairy livestock will also aid in supporting the company’s expansion plan of production and commercial operations to cope with these demands.

In a statement released to media on Monday, February 10, Mazoon Dairy elaborated that the animals will be housed in a dedicated cowshed considered to be state-of-the-art in the region, and ‘equipped with the latest farm designs, cooling systems, and monitoring technologies in addition to the highest level of animal welfare standards.

Since its inception, Mazoon Dairy has implemented the latest advancements in facilities, dairy technology, and production lines, along with a robust green solutions initiative, inclusive of a biogas production plant that converts farm waste into gas used as an alternative energy source to operate select factory equipment. The farm also houses a special sewage plant where recycled water is pumped through the farm’s irrigation network to clean some of its facilities.

In a statement to media, Mazoon Dairy Company CEO, Dr. Arjun Subramanian, said: “Mazoon Dairy is committed to ensuring the highest standards across the supply chain, and this includes ensuring the health, safety, and welfare of our cattle. Al-Sunainah was selected as the site for the dairy facility because of the abundance of water, fertile soil, and a comfortable climate to accommodate the cattle. We’ve also invested in a highly experienced team of internationally-trained farm managers and agro-experts who have spent decades in the agriculture and farming business in various parts of the world, and an expert team of Omanis committed to the success of Mazoon Dairy in Oman.”

Mazoon Dairy began its operations in the fourth quarter of 2019, offering a range of locally-produced dairy products such as fresh milk, laban, flavoured milk, and yogurt across all governorates in Oman. To boost sales growth, the company will also launch in future new varieties of dairies, juices, and cheeses.

In the media statement Mazoon Dairy Company Corporate Affairs Manager, Yousuf Al Fazari, added: “The arrival of the second batch of cows marks a significant step in our journey towards a more sustainable and productive growth phase for Mazoon Dairy and the Oman economy. It takes us closer to our larger goal of establishing the Sultanate as a self-sufficient dairy producer and a hub for food manufacturing.”

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