Coronavirus Update: Parents Not Allowed To Enter Nurseries In Oman

02 Feb 2020
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

The Ministry of Social Development (MoSD) representing the Children’s Affairs Department, has called on managers of nurseries to take preventive measures to make sure that children are safe from the coronavirus.

In a statement to the public, the MoSD said: “Parents have been requested to refrain from entering nursery buildings. They are only allowed to pick up and drop their children from the outside.

“We also ask parents not to bring children to nurseries in case they have symptoms such as an increase in temperature, chest congestion, difficulty in breathing, and cold.

The Ministry has also asked nurseries to provide sanitising equipment to children and staff; and to refrain from enrolling children who have visited the countries affected by the virus any time in the last six months.

It also added: “Do not accept training any staff of the nursery – Omani or non-Omani – without an authorized medical test from the Ministry of Health.”

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