Royal Hospital Performs New Surgical Intervention

27 Jan 2020
POSTED BY Y Magazine

The Royal Hospital has succeeded in removing damaged cells in the pancreas with a new technique used for the first time in the Sultanate called ‘laparoscopic ultrasound’ for a patient suffering from a severe necrotic pancreatitis.

The surgical intervention was performed by a medical team from the Royal Hospital that was headed by Dr. Hisham Abdullah Al-Dahab, Senior Consultant in Gastroenterology and in cooperation with the anesthesiologists and nurses.

Al-Dahab pointed out that this intervention is the latest in modern medicine in the field of severe necrotic pancreatitis.

This technique was used in the Royal Hospital to keep pace with the latest treatment methods used globally in various medical fields. 

This surgical intervention is characterized by the lack of side effects, and the patients can return to their daily lives and routine after three days.

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