Oman Gets Its Own ‘Green Hydrogen’ Centre

28 Jan 2020
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

The new centre aims to build an economy around ‘Green Hydrogen’ and bring the nation up to speed in the field of sustainable energy.

The Oman Hydrogen Centre – a first of its kind initiative in Oman – was opened at the premises of German University of Technology, Oman, under the auspices of Eng. Azza bint Sulaiman al-Isma’eeli, Minister of Technology and Communications.

The new centre seeks to develop capacities in the field in cooperation with local and international parties specialized in research, technology, education, industry applications and economy, said Dr. Hussain al-Salmi, Deputy Chairman of Gutech for Administrative and Financial Affairs, noting that the overall aim is to empower Omani cadres to build a “green-hydrogen” economy.

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It will also become a base for building skills and knowhow for endorsing the green energy. Its main vision is to introduce a clean energy industry using the elements of sun and water to produce hydrogen.

A memorandum of understanding was signed by Hydrogen Rise Company of Germany and Oman Education Services Establishment, owners of GUtech, to establish a private company to market hydrogen in the Omani market and later export the product abroad.

What is ‘Green Hydrogen’?

‘Green Hydrogen’ is the process of making use of hydrogen to fuel our energy requirements by generating electricity from the abundant and naturally occurring element using sustainable practices.

Green tech solutions provider, GeoPura, explains: “If renewable energy (e.g. from Solar panels) is used to generate electricity for electrolysis of water then the green hydrogen can be generated without any harmful emissions.

“Our ability to produce large quantities of green hydrogen will play a major role in providing an alternative to fossil fuels as we transition to low emissions and work towards a clean, healthy environment. With electric cars becoming more and more popular, we need to rethink our strategy for electricity generation if we are going to support the increased amount of EV drivers that will be on the road needing to charge their electric cars. Through the use of green hydrogen, we can foresee a sustainable future in handling this increased demand.”

Photo courtesy: Alexander Migl/Creative Commons

Hydrogen Fuel Cell (HFC) cars are already in production, and are leading the fight against gas-powered cars. The only byproduct from the exhaust of an HFC-powered car is water; however, the current challenge lies in isolating Hydrogen from air and other sources to be clean enough for cars, and its storage.

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