Oman Airports Issues Travel Advice To Prevent Spread Of Coronavirus

28 Jan 2020
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

Oman Airports has issued a statement for travelers on taking precautionary measures against the Novel Coronavirus while passing through airports.

A tweet by the airport management company stated: “Please take necessary precautions and follow the safety instructions below when traveling and passing through airports.

“May Allah protect you from all harm.”

The travel advice reads

– Avoid traveling to affected areas unless necessary

– Make sure you have all necessary vaccinations and travel medications

– Seek advice from your healthcare provider

– Don’t travel if you have fever and cough

– If you become sick while traveling, seek medical help immediately

The prevention tips read

– Wash hands with water and soap/sanitizer for at least 20 seconds

– Avoid contact with sick people

– Don’t touch eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands

– Don’ t eat raw food; thoroughly cook meat and eggs

– Avoid contact with animals and animal products

What to do if you are infected?

– Stay at home

– Avoid contact with others

– Cover your nose and mouth while sneezing

– Keep objects and surfaces clean

– Wear a surgical mask

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