No Vaccine To Cure Coronavirus Yet: Oman’s Ministry of Health

30 Jan 2020
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

The Ministry of Health has clarified that there is ‘no effective vaccine’ against the new Coronavirus.

In a statement to the public, it said: “There is no effective vaccine yet. The seasonal influenza vaccine is ineffective against the new coronavirus because the virus belongs to a different viral family.”

This is intended to clear confusions caused by social media posts from around the globe that claimed that there were cures and vaccines to prevent the spread of the virus.

Yesterday [Wednesday, 29 January], the Ministry of Health, in conjunction with the Public Prosecution, also warned people against spreading false information on social media.

Spreading false messages in a bid to cause confusions can now result in a jail term of up to three years.

The statement read: “Dear citizen and expat, sending or resharing false news or rumors that can cause confusion among the public through social media platforms is a crime, and you could get you a punishment up to three years in prison.”

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