ALERT: ROP Warn Against Online Fraudsters And Scammers

08 Jan 2020
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

The Royal Oman Police (ROP) issued a public statement on the importance of identifying scammers online.

The ROP, represented by the General Department of Criminal Investigations, said that it was monitoring online and electronic fraud cases in the Sultanate after reports of residents being subjected to fake trading operations by scammers operating from outside Oman surfaced.

A tweet by the Royal Oman Police (@RoyalOmanPolice) on Tuesday [January 8] read: “The Royal Oman Police asks for citizens and residents to understand the importance of verifying the identity of people they communicate with in electronic business operations; whether it’s individuals or institutions via electronic sites and applications.

“We also warn against responding to imaginary people who communicate illegally using social media or call from outside the Sultanate, and stress on the importance of using the correct channels in commercial operations, and checking the integrity of procedures as well as the correctness of these sites.”

The ROP’s Twitter was soon inundated with screenshots of scam messages.

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