19 Unforgettable Quotes Of The Late Sultan Qaboos Bin Said

14 Jan 2020
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A man of great vision and wisdom, the late Sultan Qaboos Bin Said was truly a pillar of strength upon which the Sultanate was built on.

His passing leaves a void in the nation and the region at large – but his words of love, support, and guidance continue to live on.

We’ve gathered snippets from his famous speeches; starting from his first speech to the nation in 1970 to those that have since been held close to the hearts of Omanis and expats living and calling Oman home.

* Photos and Quotes Courtesy: Ministry of Information

Sultan Qaboos Bin Said’s first speech to the people of Oman

Year: 1970

“Yesterday it was complete darkness and with the help of God, tomorrow will be a new dawn on Muscat, Oman and its people.”

During his first arrival in Muscat after assuming the Reins of Power

Year: 1970

“The Government and the people are as one body. If one of its limbs fails to do its duty, the other parts of the body will suffer. We hope that you will think well of us and at the same time we hope that we shall think well of you. We ask Allah to grant us success in that which is good. Peace be with you.”

On the occasion of the 1st National Day

Year: 1971

“As far as domestic policy is concerned, our plan is to build our country and provide all its people with a prosperous life. That will be achieved only when the people share the burden of responsibility and help with the task of building. We have opened up opportunities for our citizens to achieve this end, and we shall strive hard to establish just, democratic rule in our country within the framework of our Omani Arab reality, the customs and traditions of our community, and the teachings of Islam – which always light our path.”

On the occasion of the 2nd National Day

Year: 1972

“Our aim is to see that Oman has restored its past civilization and has occupied its great position among its Arab brothers in the second half of the 20th Century, and to see the Omani citizen living in happiness and dignity in his land.”

Major milestones: In 1970 there were three schools in the country comprising of merely 900 students. By 1971, there were 16 schools and 7000 students, and in 1972 there were 45 schools and 15,000 students.

In 1970, Oman had ten dispensaries and nine health centres. This rose to 15 dispensaries, 15 health centres and six hospitals by 1971.

By 1972, the number of dispensaries had increased to 25, and three health centres were replaced by three hospitals bringing the number of hospitals to 12. The number of doctors rose from 12 in 1970 to 54 in two years.

On the occasion of the 3rd National Day

Year: 1973

“On this glorious day, our National Day, we express our thanks and gratitude to those heroes, men of our armed services and wish them a happy year. We also salute the men of our national firqats which were formed to fight on the side of our heroic forces against the terrorism of the communist gangs in the mountains of Dhofar.”

Major milestones: Seeb International Airport (now known as Muscat International Airport) is opened to the public.

On the occasion of the 5th National Day

Year: 1975

“We promise to double our efforts and continue the hard work for a new tomorrow which shines with every morning in each day of the sixth year in our glorious march towards a happy future”

At the 4th Session of the Arab Gulf States’ Foreign Ministers’ Conference

Year: 1976

“The Sultanate of Oman clearly recognizes that it is important there should be mutual understanding so that agreement can be reached on a formula for co-operation between the states of our region.”

His Majesty’s speech to senior State Officials

Year: 1978

“We will accept no excuse from anyone who is remiss in carrying out the duties he is required to perform in the service of this country and its citizens, and he will be punished for his failings in whatever manner we see fit.”

On the occasion of the closing session of the 1st Summit Conference of the States of the Gulf Co-operation Council in the UAE

Year: 1981

“In this context we stress that we need to devote the major part of our attention and efforts to maintaining the security and stability of our region, if we are to provide a suitable climate for co-operation between our states.”

At the opening ceremony of the Sultan Qaboos University

Year: 1986 

“We live in an age of science and education. Education and work are our only means of progress and development within the context of our Islamic civilisation.”

Major milestones: The Sultan Qaboos University is opened.

On the occasion of the 16th National Day

Year: 1986

“We believe in the role of Omani youth in building the country, we call upon them to set a good example in adopting a responsible sense of duty and in seeking perfection in their work.”

On the occasion of the opening of the 4th Term of the State Consulative Council

Year: 1988

 “Omanis should take the initiative and play a substantial role in all fields, no one should shun the jobs of his father and forefathers, or hesitate to make use of the job opportunities available in the private sector on the pretext that he holds an academic degree and that he should have a Government job.”

To the Members of the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Omanisation

Year: 1990

“Omanisation is a fundamental and vital prerequisite without which we cannot secure the cherished honourable standard of living for the coming generations.”

On the occasion of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Brazil

Year: 1992

“The conservation of the environment is the responsibility of all of us, a responsibility that knows no political boundaries.”

To Sheikhs and Dignitaries of Dhofar at the conclusion of His Majesty’s ‘Meet-the-People Tour’ of the country

Year: 1995

“When it rains, it begins in small drops and then it pours. It is the same with material benefit. What you should be doing is to enlighten your children on these matters so that they can feel responsibility towards themselves and towards serving their country.”

Silver Jubilee: On the occasion of the 25th National Day

Year: 1995

“You have all played your part in the making of this new chapter in Oman’s history. Everyone has made his own contribution, according to his ability, in building this structure of our future.”

On the occasion of the inauguration of the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

Year: 2001

“It was on this basis that we decided to make this blessed Mosque a centre of culture and thought that, with God’s good grace and assistance, would contribute to the revival of the Islamic heritage – God willing – and highlight the civilized values of the Muslim nation while modernising its approach to dealing with Islamic affairs and issues.”

At the Opening of the Annual Session of The Council of Oman

Year: 2010

“Oman has a deep-rooted history and firm principles established ages ago and, praise be to God, what we have done is to confirm these principles, and express them in modern-day language.”

On the occasion of the 44th National Day

Year: 2014

“We would like to salute our courageous Armed Forces, with all its formations and in all gorges of the dear homeland, for their commendable national role which has always earned our full appreciation.”

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