WhatsApp’s Latest Features May Be Its Greatest Ever

30 Dec 2019
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

The features are currently in beta mode; meaning, they’ll be rolled out to the public after extensive testing.

Messaging app WhatsApp must go down as one of the greatest creations of this decade; connecting billions of users around the world with free text, call, and video services (in select markets). However, to stay ahead of the game, the developers are now embedding new features that’ll elevate its position as a connectivity tool in the tech sphere.

The new features – as revealed by WABetaInfo, a platform that regularly tracks WhatsApp updates – include:

Disappearing messages

WhatsApp will add a new ‘Disappearing Messages’ feature along with its ‘Delete Messages’ feature to further declutter group messages or offer limited time messages. The feature will allow messages to be deleted without a trace after a set time period, and will reportedly offer time intervals between 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or 1 year. From the onset, the feature will exclusively be made available for group chats and can only be accessed by the admins themselves.

Low Data Mode

Those shelling out the big bucks to cover their internet expenses needn’t worry any more; WhatsApp will extend its low data call feature to the app itself – possibly offering reduced video and photo sizes at the expense of resolution or quality. It should also reduce the instant-messaging app’s network data usage, and override voice notes and photo downloads settings even if they’re turned on.

Call Waiting

While WhatsApp calls continue to be blocked in Oman, those traveling outside the country can make use of its new call waiting feature that’ll allow you to hang on to multiple calls at a time. Earlier, the app only allowed users one call at a time (unless it was a group call), with callers being notified as ‘busy’ if they were midway another conversation.

Dark Mode

The release date on this feature is yet to be announced; albeit, it’s likely to make its way into Android and iOS phones with the next update. Dark Mode will allow users to dim the background to reduce strain on users’ eyes in dimly lit spaces. It’ll also be an aesthetic upgrade over the (now) age-old stock background offered by WhatsApp.

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