Game Review: Donut County

05 Dec 2019
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

The Y Geek Squad’s Leen Al Said proves that there truly is ‘a game for that’ with a title as outrageous as it is fun.

Have you ever wanted to be a sinkhole, swallowing everything in sight and grow in size? There’s a game for that.

Created by Ben Esposito and published by Annapurna Interactive, ‘Donut County’ is an indie story-based video game where you control a sinkhole by swallowing objects that in turn make your sinkhole increase in size. So simple in its design and creatively composed, ‘Donut County’ does a lot with what little it seems to start with.

The puzzle/physics game starts off by introducing its two main characters – BK, a sneaky little raccoon that owns a donut franchise, and Mira, his human friend that works at his donut shop. A prequel scene is shown underground – 999 feet underground to be pre-cise, where a bunch of anthropomorphic animal townsfolk grieve about the sudden fall of their town, as they’ve all sunk into this dark hole along with their houses. The title screen is a little tutorial where you start off as a tiny hole, slowly swallowing up bits of grass, rubble, and bricks, eventually working your way up to devour an anthropomorphic animal on a motorbike.

Each level presents a small story that shows how every creature in town has had their livelihood devoured by the sinkhole. The gameplay throws more physics into the mix as the elements and several obstacles are introduced. In one of the levels, your sinkhole can only just manage to absorb a carrot halfway into it. Then, you’d have to use that carrot to lure in bunny rabbits that could eat bits of the it until you’re able to swallow the rest of the carrot – along with the two bunnies.

‘Donut County’ is a relatively short and casual game that includes a lot of character and charm in its own in-game ‘Trashopedia’ that includes descriptions of all the items you’ve managed to sink – my personal favourite being a coffee mug’s description that reads, “Coffee rules. It burns your tongue and makes you go to the bathroom.” It doesn’t get much more quirky-cool than this game.

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