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14 Nov 2019
POSTED BY Ashlee Starratt

If our outer being is a reflection of our inner self, how many of us can truly say we’re happy with what we see in the mirror? Fine lines, tired eyes, dull skin, breakouts…superficial as they may seem, they can all be symptomatic of an inner rhythm that’s been knocked out of balance.

It’s not rocket science that when we nourish our body healthily and exercise it well, it heals itself; when we get enough sleep and take a well-deserved break, our mood improves; when we practice mindfulness, our thoughts follow peacefully; and when we give unto others – and ourselves– our soul is calm.

While the formula for balance in life is there in plain sight, following the many variables in its equation can seem a tall order in our daily deadline-driven, technology-obsessed world. And more often than not – we end up in burnout.

So, it was with self-care in mind that we headed to Jnana – MindBody Studio in Mawaleh for some inner realignment. Muscat’s newest wellness centre, what caught our eye about Jnana – making it stand out from the plethora of spas and beauty centres that dot the capital – was its holistic approach rooted in mindfulness to helping us, through a mind/body/soul approach, be the best version of ourselves we can be.

If you need an outer beauty fix, you can come to Jnana for a lush mani-pedi or massage; if your mood needs lifting you can come to one of their monthly wellness workshops, realign your chakras with a Gentle Flow Yoga session, or stretch out your tension in a Dynamic Pilates class.

Hailing from the Sanskrit word for ‘knowledge’, Jnana’s goal is to help their customers tap into the knowledge that comes from their own inner voice in the hopes of creating balance from within and promoting happiness and health on behalf of their clientele.

Step into their studio and there’s an immediate sense of calm that envelops you, with the interior bathed in warm earth tones and wood accents, while soft-focus lighting and strategic spotlighting lend a soothing glow to the surroundings. Splashes of colour come from the gold-accented fixtures, plush plum-coloured upholstery, and vibrant display wall with its racks of rainbow nail shades. Pop art adorns the walls of Jnana’s pedicure area, where velvety soft, thick-piled reclining chairs embrace you while a smiling Marilyn Monroe looks on from her glass frame.

There’s also a dedicated massage treatment room, and a chic nail bar where you can choose from their wide collection of Kinetics and Color Club Nail Lacquers – or browse their makeup display case where a select array of upmarket, organic products will soon be available for purchase.

Soon to come across from the Jnana’s nail bar area is a small grab-and-go café area which will soon serve up fresh coffee and juice blends as well as a cold-case packed full of organic and nutritious offerings.

But perhaps the jewel in Jnana’s chakra is its bright and airy yoga, Pilates, and Zumba, studio. With a commanding view out over the Al Mouj Street area, its bank of floor-to-ceiling windows add a breezy flow to the space, while calming candles surround a large Buddha statue at the front of the space where you can grab extra yoga mats, Pilates balls, or kettle-bells.

With a schedule of classes that rotates weekly, Jnana offers an array of sessions perfect for beginners and pros – from swing or power yoga and barre-less Pilates, to Booty Sculpt and Barre classes. There are even options for kids’ classes too – ranging from Zumba Kids and Juniors, to junior yoga classes for youth ages 14 and up.

In a market that’s over-saturated with the status quo, Jnana offers a refreshing take on wellness that incorporates all elements of the mind/body/soul philosophy that help guide us on our unique and individual journeys towards balance and being.

Jnana – MindBody Studio
Location: Al Mouj Street
2nd floor of the Magic Trailer restaurant & Cocoon Home Décor complex
Contact: (+968) 2418-4220
@JNANA.OMAN (Facebook)
@jnana_Oman (Instagram)

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