Saud Bahwan Sheds Light On Counterfeit Parts At Awareness Event

24 Nov 2019
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

Saud Bahwan Automotive, the distributors for Toyota vehicles and Genuine Parts in Oman, held an exclusive meet recently at the Hotel Golden Oasis, Muscat, to give customers and participants detailed insights about the advantages of using Toyota Genuine Parts as compared to counterfeit parts.

According to a spokesperson from Toyota Parts, “As a Toyota owner, one is confident about the dependability factor for their Toyota. Toyota Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Genuine parts reward owners with absolute peace of mind and unparalleled confidence. Genuine Toyota Parts have been designed and engineered to meet Toyota’s safety, reliability, and functionality standards.”

“Fake Parts initially cost much less and are made up of highly inferior quality. This may lead to unexpected problems, costly repairs, damage to your vehicle or even cause accidents. The commonly counterfeited parts include items like brake pads, oil filter, air filter, spark plugs and windshield glass.

A fake part looks suspiciously identical to the genuine part. One begins to notice the difference only when it begins to show in your vehicle’s performance. In the long run, it could damage your vehicle and endanger your life.”

Speaking about the easy availability of Toyota Genuine Parts across Oman, he said, “Toyota is almost a household name for many here in Oman. Hence for us at Saud Bahwan Automotive, it is important to keep that confidence and trust high at all-times. That is why whichever year model Toyota vehicle you own; you can be rest assured of availing the required Genuine Part easily with us, wherever you may be in Oman.”

Saud Bahwan Group maintains a optimum stock of parts at its modern Toyota Parts Distribution Centre ensuring easy availability and service efficiency. The Group’s sophisticated stock management system with electronic parts catalogue, satellite link to Toyota, automated order placement and daily supply from Japan ensure that the right parts are always available.

During the event, educational videos were screened and detailed information about the differences in material, manufacturing quality and poor performance of counterfeit parts was highlighted.

The spokesman encouraged customers to always visit authorised outlets or Toyota Service centres for 100% Toyota Genuine Parts for their Toyota vehicles.

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