Top Fall Plaid Trends Of 2019

03 Oct 2019
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

With fresh and striking shades paired with black, plaid complements classic with cool. The trend is back in, and the trick is how to look chic without checking into the era your Granny dressed in. This red-and-black little number shows you how it’s done.

Get the Look: From the high-end to the high street, Mikaela Estera helps you to get the look.

Want to incorporate class into your style?  A plaid skirt can be an instant stand-out piece.  When going formal, avoid sturdy shoes unless you want to look like an elderly English country squire’s wife. For casual style, skirts are best paired with boots or white shoes, such as this one from Mango. It costs RO19.

This funky footwear might seem a bit on the bulky side but you can climb every fashion ‘mountain’ with these. Fun, funky and firm, these sturdy stars will go well with a plain mini-dress or jeans. You will find this pair at Forever 21 for RO10.78.

Fashion doesn’t just stop at what we wear, does it? We all want our mobile phones to be an alluring accessory. This plaid cover will endow your iPhone with enough admiring glances from onlookers who will want one just as cool. Buy this from Forever 21 at RO1.89.

If this rare repository of wonder isn’t worthy of your belongings, we don’t know what is. This compact, stylish and durable backpack is a great way to shout out your love for classic plaid. It is perfect for office-use, school-use and travelling. Get it at Zara for RO27.9.

These narrow, straight trousers were popular in the 50s and have come back in for any owner who wants to exude effortless confidence with a penchant for practicality. They can be paired with just about any footwear and will go well with sleeveless shirts, halter tops, regular shirts and long sleeves. This pair cost RO14.9 at Stradivarius.

Of course, we all like to laze around in our leggings. But when they come in plaid then that’s a game changer, making them funky and fun to wear. You can really hark back to the look of a Harlequin or the Joker in a pack of cards, but isn’t that part of the fun? Buy this pair for RO5.620 at Aeropostale.

Now, something for the guys. For men who want to shield their head from the sun but like something with a bit more character, this one perfect. Yes, it might make you look a bit like a lumberjack; but hipsters with ZZ Top-like beards will make a beeline for this one, from Aeropostale. It costs RO3.85.

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