Looking To Immigrate To Australia Or Canada? This Company May Have The Solution For You

24 Oct 2019
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

As more GCC residents look to immigrate to countries such as Canada, Australia, and the United States, we shed light on one company that’s pioneering a way to make immigration a stress-free process.

Immigration is the greatest architect of cultures around the world.

While some countries see it as a boost to their population, there’s no denying its long-lasting effects on cultures and tradition, and its far-reaching impact on a nation’s economy.

Several countries in the GCC have thrived on an influx of expats; having workers flow into the country in search of jobs from the early 1970s, and eventually settling down to call their adopted countries home as they go through their walks of life.

Some of these expats have also since taken on citizenships in these nations.

Rajan Berry – Managing Director of Global Vision Management Company

But, this stream of workers is now seeing a steady shift from the GCC to countries such as Canada, Australia, Portugal, the US, and the like – and one man and his army of staff are on the forefront of the immigration game: Mr. Rajan Berry, and his enterprise, Global Vision Management Company.

With clients coming in from all over the Sultanate and those from other countries such as India, Philippines, Egypt, Jordan, and Pakistan availing the services of Rajan and his team, the company has created a niche in a market that’s long required expertise and political know-how.

With a combined experience in immigration of 15 years – working initially under the umbrella of an immigration consultancy as a regional head in Bahrain and Oman, Rajan went on to start up his own firm here in 2015.

Speaking about his experience, he says: “Having learned that I could handle their services, I then thought to myself, why not do it on my own and work for my own?

“That was a great feeling. It takes a lot of guts – leaving a handsome salary and starting up something of your own.”

Perhaps it’s such risks that allows Rajan to empathise with those looking to immigrate to a country of their choice; leaving behind everything to create a new life on their own.

And Rajan takes his job very seriously. With over 1,000 successful visas processed throughout his career, and several hundred more through his business venture, he’s among the top in his field in the country.

This week, we delve into what sets Rajan and his team apart from others in the game. Here’s an excerpt from our interview:

Y: What are some of the services you offer to your clients?

RB: We are immigration consultants. Firstly, we make sure you qualify for the programme. Once you do, we then start your process – and we’ll take care of you from the beginning to the end. All you need to do is provide us with the correct information.

Y: Why is it important to go through expert channels when immigrating?

RB: There’s a wheel that has been invented. So, someone who has done more than 1,000 successful cases will know more than an individual about immigration. As a client, it’s a very simple-looking website when you start applying. But each criterion has its own meaning for different things. When a client starts applying themselves, they’ll only add a lot of delays and frustrations, because there are lots of intricate procedures.

Also, the immigration departments want consistency: they want each file to be in order. And, assuming you’ve done everything right all along alone…but made one mistake, only to have your application rejected can be disheartening. We, as consultants, check their applications from time to time. It’s our job. People come with a dream – and we do our best to get them there.

Paying money and buying tension isn’t fair on you. We always tell our clients: don’t take the tension. Let us take that on our heads. What happens is that there could be changes in the immigration laws or the points system changes and, at that time, we would switch them over to another programme. That’s our job – to give you back-up plans.

Y: How long can the immigration process take?

RB: While most programmes take eight to ten months, there are others that can take longer depending on your points and criterion. Moreover, immigration isn’t a matter of chance. The goal is to fulfill the qualifying criteria. If they qualify for the criteria, then we’ll take his case up. If not, then we will have to say no.

But there are chances that if you’re not qualifying in ten programmes, there could be an eleventh programme that you could qualify for but don’t know about it. For us, it’s important to stay updated daily. It may not be big changes, but small ones on technicality. This takes time, and some programmes open up only for a few weeks, and after months on end.

Y: Which are some of the countries in demand for immigration?

RB: Canada and Australia are in demand for immigration; they both need people to move in. Meanwhile, the US, UK, and some other European countries have opened immigration for investors. So, they’re open through different channels. Canada itself has a multi-cultural society – and that’s a good thing. You have people from all parts of the world living together. And when that happens, the society becomes more vibrant.

Y: As a client, what are some points that must be kept in mind while immigrating?

RB: Immigration is a form of resettlement, and we guide people properly on how to resettle. When we talk about immigration, there’s a lot to keep in mind; starting from the points system, to the qualifying and documentation, and proof of funds when you require a settlement there. You must have some form of settlement funds to stay in these countries; you cannot be a liability on these governments.

What we tell people is before you finish your immigration process, we suggest people to apply for jobs on portals and agencies. That way you can have leads by the time you begin the resettlement process to the place.

Skills and communication play a very important role when you think about these countries. What we tell people is before you finish your immigration process, focus on skill development and social alignment tools rather than getting worried about the application processing. That way you can have leads by the time you begin the resettlement process.

Y: How important is it to manage expectations when applying for a visa to immigrate?

RB: We now have a good number of clients whose cases were successful and now they are referring our name to people in Oman and other countries. Client satisfaction is very important in this field of work – but that’s not to say everyone will get their visa the same way.

What we can assure you is that we handle all cases equally and with care. All the details must go through the right channels. The submissions must be done on-time, and all documents must be in order.

Your goal as the client is to focus on the settlement part as opposed to the documentation part. You can use that time worrying to focus on your skills – this could be language or professional ones.

Global Vision Management Company is located at the Hatat Complex by the turn-in to Wadi Adai. For more details, visit www.gvmcvisa.com or contact them at (+968) 2456-7676

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