Top Game-Inspired Gadgets You Can Buy Today!

19 Sep 2019
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

The Y Geek Squad rounds up four gadgets that share its roots to bestselling games from a bygone era.

Major Throwback

Turn the pages to your calendar by two decades. Gaming company Nintendo is still at its peak with the release of its all-new handheld gaming device – the Game Boy. Sweeping away hordes of kids (and eliminating competition while at it) and taking gaming to a whole new level, the device was a sensation. You probably don’t have the device anymore, but you can relive those days with this Nintendo Game Boy digital watch. It does exactly what it advertises: it looks like a Game Boy and it shows time. The digital watch does come with a few gimmicks, though: it has the Super Mario Land theme song pre-installed as an alarm tone and has a built-in LED light. All the buttons on the watch are functional – each mimicking the original console – but with different functions. Will it live up to its RO8.5 price tag? Not if you don’t put a price on nostalgia. Get it from


Spruce up your geekiness game with the PocketSprite Portable Retro Gaming Device – a handheld console that takes promoting your attraction to retro games a bit too seriously. The device can emulate games from the past; namely those from the era of the Game Boy, Game Boy Colour, Game Gear, and the iconic Sega Master System. Despite its miniscule size, the buttons are operable, and there’s also a rechargeable battery that can offer up to 40 hours of game time. You’ll also get Wi-Fi to transfer all your files safely to the console – though, its novelty merely extends to crowds that appreciate 2D games from an era that has been long forgotten. Buy this from for RO26.9.

‘Razer’ Sharp

We’re not the kind to buy into hype but there’s a part of us that wants the Razer Phone 2 to succeed. There’s nothing even remotely generic about this device; starting from the blocky form factor evocative to the kit worn by Sam Fisher in the third-person shooter game, ‘Splinter Cell’, to the cooling chamber to channel heat away from the power-packed Snapdragon 845 chipset. You also get 8GB RAM and a 120Hz display that’s 50 per cent brighter than what you get on a comparable smartphone. At RO300, it’s one of the cheaper devices you can buy, too. Get yours from

Editor’s Pick

Smart Watch

Smartwatches are the new rage – and it seems like they’re here to stay. While there are plenty of options to fiddle through, one that we’re particularly fond of is the Huawei Watch 2. It’s a neat-looking watch with a bunch of handy functions under its aluminium shell and ceramic bezel… and gaming is a part of its mojo. The acclaim-worthy 1.2-inch AMOLED screen puts out vibrant and saturated colours, while the 420mAh battery can last you about two days or more. Aside from rendering small puzzle-based games, the watch can also be your handy workout assistant, GPS guide, and music player. It also comes pre-built with 4G, a heart-rate sensor, and your usual health monitoring gizmos. Buy this from the Huawei Store for RO115 and above.

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