Heavy rainfall makes it way down to Al Sharqiya

24 Sep 2019
POSTED BY Basma Al Zadjali

September 2019, Muscat, (Al Wisal): Recent weather forecasts from the National Multi Hazard Early Warning Systems (NMHEWS) show heavy rainfall at governorate of south Al Sharqiya.

The effects of the cyclone are expected to start today and last until Thursday, with its peak effects to be expected this evening. Both of the coasts of Al Sharqiya and Al Wusta governorates are expected to be hit with the rain.

The probability of heavy rainfall may reach up to 50-90 mm in some areas, and is expected to cause wadis as well as rising water levels.

In addition, heavy winds may reach up to 80-90 km/h, which is expected to affect unstable installations, trees and electricity poles.

Sea waves are also expected to rise up to 4-6 meters, which may pose a danger to seafarers, fishermen and fishing vessels.

Seawater may potentially seep into land, especially in low-lying areas, which may cause water levels to rise and affect roads near the coasts.


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