DIY Dress Sense: Top 7 Budget-Friendly Costumes You Can Buy In Muscat Right Now!

26 Sep 2019
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

Fashion is all about fun, and making it work for you. That means those tried-and-tested titans of your wardrobe can still take you outside if you find fresh ways of wearing them. What can be better than stepping out in something new, coupled with the reliability and comfort of an old favourite?

Get the Look: From the high-end to the high street, Mikaela Estera helps you to get the look.

Denim needn’t be all about looking like you’ve gone to the Grand Ole Opry. Nope, denim comes in all shapes, sizes and colours. This bold russett number is a standout and just the ticket when paired with almost anything. It will look stunning with a white shirt or blouse, too. This one is at Matalan, for RO9.63.

Printed or bold tops be a godsend when you’re feeling lethargic about getting your look together. You can wear this with skinny jeans, wide-legged trousers, culottes or a skirt. Let the top do the work, and tie at the bottom. Yes, the early 80s are back with a vengeance. Buy this one at Splash for RO6.29.

It’s practically impossible to go wrong with the ‘little black dress’ so enshrined in fashion history by Coco Chanel. Of course, it helps if you have a model’s gamine looks. But even if you don’t there are plenty of options available. Wear with a pair of killer heels and get ready to get the party started. Right now! Buy this one at Splash for RO7.34.

With all the big brands selling chunky shoes, it’s easy to say that funky footwear with a firm grip is what you’re after. Chunky shoes can be your companion if comfort is your quest. This pair can be worn with almost anything, and can give you an air of sporty supremacy or urban elan. Buy these from Max, for RO8.38.

Culottes are so cutting it right now. Effortlessly fashionable, always comfortable and infinitely versatile, what’s not to like? Going out? Then pair with stilettos or slingbacks. For a more dressed-down dynamic, don with a simple plain shirt and a pair of sneakers or sandals. You can find this pair at Splash, for RO9.25.

A good bag will surely complete your look. But don’t settle for an ordinary style when a round-shaped bag can be yours at an affordable price to perk up your look. You can take this bag to the mall or the beach. Buy this from Matalan for RO4.72.

Now that autumn is on its way, why not embrace your inner Princess Anne with a long, plaid or printed skirt so beloved of western countrywomen for decades. Worn with a plain top, or with sneakers; it’s a modern take on a look that is so To The Manor (or manner) Born. Buy this one from Max, for RO4.3.

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