5 Tips To Help You Embrace Your Grey Hair

19 Sep 2019
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There’s no need to panic at the sight of your first grey hair root. Grey can be gorgeous, or simply sensational silver. Here, Swati Basu Das offers tips on how to tame those tresses for metallic-looking magnificence.

Blame it on age, general unhealthy hair or just that inherited trait; there is no chasing away those grey root facts.

Conceal them, and they’re back in the blink of a fortnight.

It’s hard to ignore the salt-and-pepper look, as covering them up with all those tried-and-tested tints can be a never-ending chore.

Have you ever wondered what is so inappropriate about letting your hair go natural?

Well, it’s zero and zilch when it comes to expressing the confidence within and embracing life as it develops all its shade.

While the celebrated ‘silver fox’ can look great on guys, the grey root phenomenon need not pass us women by, either. Isn’t it right that we should flaunt it?

Grey is more gorgeous than awkward, and going natural saves us from the potential toxins present in colouring agents.

Melanin, the pigment that gives human beings their hair colour, stops with age and thus gives hair its natural shade.

So why colour it when the hair pigmentation cells render unbleached streaks?

Like any other visible signs of ageing, greying is a part of life, but grey hair can be simply stunning.

1) The right cut

Grey is just as original as you. Embrace it with haircuts that best suit the shape of your face. Grow your healthy long and straight locks for an all-time classy look. Layers add volume and texture to any hair type. A long bob or the easy lob style haircut that falls above the shoulder with a soft wave is chic. A high ponytail is never old-fashioned. Go minimal with the side-swept bangs and go hassle-free while keeping it to length.

2) Be sun safe

Sun poses similar damage to our hair as it does to our skin. Avoid extended sun exposure and chlorinated water. Carry a hat or a scarf when out for a more extended period. Wear a swimming cap when in the pool. Wash your hair thoroughly after a swim. 

3) Maintain the gloss

Ignored grey hair can behave stubbornly. Serum, glosses and conditioner control the wiry hair while enhancing its natural sheen and colour. Use products containing silicone for a smooth effect. Black or white oil massage will work wonders for hair health at any age.

4) Wear the right makeup

The right skin is the key to perfect makeup. It is essential to control dryness. A slather of moisturiser before applying eye makeup or foundation helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines. A set of brows with the right shape that suits your face type is the key to perfectly made-up eyes. Opt for a lip gloss or nude lip colour to finish it off. To achieve a glamorous mature look, try to stay minimal when it comes to makeup. A light neutral touch does the trick.

5) Your hair reflects your diet

For that bonus to your hair follicle, choose the right food to maintain overall health. The essential amino acid present in animal protein gets absorbed faster. Egg and fish help the hair grow stronger and healthier. Vitamin, iron and calcium deficiency is common and it is therefore essential to eat food rich in them or to take necessary supplements.

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