You Won’t Guess How Many People Use Twitter Daily!

19 Aug 2019
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

The grip social media has on our society is beyond what anyone could’ve predicted just a decade ago. Yet, here we are, whiling away our time on the internet – and as it turns out, you’re not alone. Social networking platform, Twitter, recently revealed that a staggering 139 million users log into the platform… daily!

Launched back in 2006 in San Francisco, USA, the company now boasts profits of US$37mn – or RO14,226,870 – annually.

Unlike other social media platforms that measure their success by the number of monthly or daily active users, Twitter calculates it by the number they can sell ads against. Based on that, the company says they added five million new daily active users in just eight months.

The statistics also revealed that out of the monetisable daily active users (MDAU),  just 29 million users are residents of the US; meaning, its stronghold reaches far and beyond its home.


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