What are the requirements to adopt a child in Oman?

20 Aug 2019
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An adopted child shall have the right to receive privileges and facilities granted to their peers in natural families and all other rights in a manner not inconsistent with the provisions of Islamic Law, according to Article (80) of the executive regulation of the Omani child law which was issued recently.

The law also emphasizes that; an adopted baby should be breastfed by the wife or foster woman or a first-degree relative of the family. It also prohibits taking pictures of fostered children and publishing them across traditional media and social media channels without permission from the Ministry of Social Development.

A family wishing to adopt should submit a request to the competent authorities. The law states that applicants must be Omani Muslims and be able to take care of the child socially, educationally, psychologically and economically.

The families which would like to adopt a child can apply to adopt children born in the Sultanate of unknown parents, children born of an unknown father and an Omani mother inside or outside the Sultanate, as well as orphans and children deprived of the care of parents or relatives.

According to the regulations, the authorities can cancel the custody of a child by its foster family if it is subjected to violence, exploitation, or abuse in addition to other offenses. “If the family submits a reasonable request after obtaining the approval from the competent authority, the custody can be terminated”, the law clarifies.

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