Oman’s Child Law criminalizes female circumcision and tattoo

19 Aug 2019
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Muscat: The latest issue of Oman’s Official Gazette, inserts the executive regulation of the Child Law, which stipulated the penalties that shall be imposed against the perpetration of traditional practices that harm the child, such as the female circumcision and the tattoo.

These harmful practices are prohibited and criminalized, as defined by the executive regulation of the Child Law.

The Child Law which was promulgated by the Royal Decree No 22/2014 on May 2014 has left the definition of the traditional practices for the executive regulation which issued on Sunday, 18 August 2019 by the Ministry of Social Development.

The released executive regulation includes the practice of any rituals that lead to harm or mutilated the child’s body, including the female genital mutilation (Circumcision), fire- ironing that distorts or affects the health of the child, and the use of lead metal and mercury in aspects that harmful to the health of the child.

In accordance to the child law which has been promulgated on 2014 , any person who violates the provisions of the concern articles of the law , particularly the physicians, nurses and guardians, or anyone who carry out, promote or contribute to traditional practices that are harmful to the health of the child, shall be subject to imprisonment for a period of not less than six (6) months and not more than three (3) years; and the sentence, in its minimum and maximum limits, shall be doubled in case of relapse.


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