Omani Microbiologist Discovers New Fungus

25 Aug 2019
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A new, harmful type of fungus has recently been discovered by an Omani microbiologist during his research task with an international team in Amsterdam at the Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute, as announced by Oman’s Ministry of Health (MoH).

Dr. Abdullah al Hatmi, a senior specialist in microbiology and a lab researcher at the Directorate General for Health Services in Al Dhahirah stated: “This species of Fusarium was discovered while analyzing the lung samples of a female patient who was diagnosed with a lung infection in a South American country.”

When the sample was sent to the research institute in Amsterdam, the team found that the patient suffered from a serious fungal infection, which led to the surprise of an entirely new fungi being discovered.

The team’s discovery was published in medical journals and celebrated for its importance towards diagnosing communicable diseases.

The full research article, ‘Fusarium Volatile’, is scheduled to appear in the medical journal ‘Fungal Systematics and Evolution’ in December 2019.

Dr. Al Hatmi  has written more than 80 research papers and has been cited more than 883 times according to the Google Scholar Search Engine. Currently, he is researching a species of fungal spores called ‘Candida Auris’, which was first discovered in a 70-year old Japanese woman in 2010, and proved to be resistant to treatment.

The statement by the MoH read: “The cases involving Candida Auris began appearing all over the world, including Oman, and the fungus has proven to be a real threat to public health because of its resistance to treatment, and also because it appears during long healing periods to attack the human body.”

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