Here Are This Summer’s Ultimate Updos

01 Aug 2019
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

When the heat is on, only an updo will do! Mikaela Estera finds five of our fave easy versions for summer that won’t leave you breaking a sweat.

Summer in the Sultanate is a force to be reckoned with; and when faced with those extra strong heatwaves, the thought of going outside even just to run small errands is enough to turn us into cranky creatures. And for ladies – loose, sweaty hair seals the grumpy deal.

But fret not – here are five easy updos that you can do that can be done in five minutes before leaving the house. And, when you get the hang of styling, you can experiment and create your own fresh summer look that’s easy-breezy!

The classic pony

A no-brainer, the best thing about a simple ponytail is just that – its simplicity. Literally anyone can do it if hair is long enough. Just make sure you apply some mousse or hairspray to keep it neat and slicked back to achieve that classy, sleek look.

Product we love: L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Hairspray – Volume 11 (RO5.3).

Topsy-turvy tail

Spice up that simple ponytail by turning it upside down – literally! First, tie your hair up in a full pony and loosen just enough hair at the base to create a partition. Pull the tail of your hair upwards and slip it into the partition, then pull downwards to lock in place. Voilà! Job done!

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The bubble ponytail

While this may look complicated, it’s actually super-simple to pull off! Just pull your hair up into a high ponytail and section off segments of the loose tail with hair bands. Then, tug each segment slightly loose until you get that round bubble-like shape. The longer your hair, the better this style works!

Product we love: Avoid those pesky pulls from hair bands and ties with Scünci No Slip Elastic Hair Bands (RO1.1).

Big bun

For a more sophisticated look, our fail-safe hair hack is, in fact, a hair ‘donut’. Sounds complete whacky – but trust us, it’s not. These bun-makers are inexpensive and easy to spot in mall accessories stores, or in the ladies’ hair products section of the supermarket.

To use it, tie your hair up in a long ponytail and roll the loose end up the ‘stick’ of the hair donut until you reach the crown. Take the two ends of the hair donut and pull them together so they fan out and create a round shape. Gently pull your out and into in a fan around the donut until it’s fully covered. Secure any loose ends with some bobby pins. Neat, fresh, and cool for summer!

Product we love: Styla Hair Magic Bun Maker Foam Sponge Bun Shaper (RO3).

The French braid

Ladies don’t shy away from the humble braid. Let’s take it to a whole new level with a summery French braid that’s actually fairly do-able! To start, divide the hair on the upper crown of your head into three strands (left, centre, and right) and pull them taut. Take the left strand and cross it over the middle piece to exchange their positions and then do the same for the right. Continue in the same pattern as you go down, gathering hair along the way until there’s none left to plait for that classic French style look. For ladies with longer hair, you can then twirl your braided tail in a bun if you don’t want it dangling down your back or against your neck – or, just let it hang for that Angelina Jolie/Lara Croft vibe!

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