Top 7 Things To See In Dhofar (And Salalah) During Khareef

04 Jul 2019
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

Y’s Digital Editor, Alvin Thomas, hand picks his favourite spots from Salalah this year.

1) The anti-gravity point

Be prepared to have your jaw dropped as you witness your car pull itself up the cliff and away from you at the anti-gravity point, which is located at the foothills of the Niyabat of Tawe Attir in the Wilayat of Mirbat. To give it a try, drive up to the road, set your car in neutral gear and watch as it drives itself up. There’s also a stopover point next to the road where you can park safely and watch others attempt the feat.

2) Wadi Darbat

You’d be hard done by to turn up at Wadi Darbat and not appreciate the simplistic allure that nature paints on Dhofar’s landscape. The foggy skies and the green mountains (partly) recreate a sense of trekking in Scotland. While you’re there, you could perhaps enjoy the waterfalls or take a boat ride across the lake.

3) Khor Rori

An archaeological site that’s usually missing from the maps of tour guides, Khor Rori loses out on precious visitors owing to ghoulish tales that haunt the locale to this day. The 1st Century AD city was once the defensive outpost for the kingdom of Hadhramaut but lies in ruins today. It’s worth a visit… if you dare.

4) Museum of the Land of Frankincense

How serious is Salalah about its frankincense trees? The answer is ‘very.’ In fact, it prides itself on them so much so that the city has a museum built to showcase the roots of frankincense in the country, and tell visitors about how the resin was once bought by Princess Cleopatra from Salalah.

5) Suhoor and Itteen caves

Caves are intriguing. This is probably why we, as humans, are programmed to seek thrills even though we know the dangers it carries along with it. Nevertheless, the caves in question here have long been tourist attractions and are safe. The Suhoor cave, for instance, is a limestone rock cave while the latter was formed by the water springs of Ayoon.

6) Hot air balloon festival

festival organised around hot air balloons sounds like the ultimate way to spend your weekend. This one-of-a-kind festival lets visitors take to the skies in hot air balloons for as little as 500 baisas, making it one of the most affordable rides in the country (and much, much less than what you’d pay for a cab). The festival will also include cultural and heritage stalls and food stalls and a lot more.

7) Blowholes

Located just beside the Mughsayl beach – which is an attraction in itself with the white sands and crystal-clear waters – the blowholes shoot water as high as 30 metres into the air when the sea waves crash into the caves underneath the ground. It’s a beach brimming with video and photography opportunities – don’t miss it.

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