Can We All Agree That These Are The Best Summer Quenchers?

24 Jul 2019
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

Stay happy and hydrated this season with a tall, cool glass of goodness featuring some of the season’s freshest ingredients.

It’s midsummer in Oman and the heat is here to stay. But even 45 degrees Celsius outside isn’t always incentive enough for us to be downing our eight glasses a day. Surprising? Perhaps. Dangerous? Most definitely. Dehydration can occur twice as quickly during the hot summer months, whether you’re spending time outside doing even light activity, or indoors with the office A/C on the fritz, foregoing H20 for a grande latté.

Some good rules of thumb to keep in mind to avoid the debilitating – and potentially deadly – effects of dehydration are to drink plenty of fluids even when you don’t feel thirsty. Chances are if you’re feeling thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. Avoid beverages that contain high amounts of sugar which can actually exacerbate dehydration, and always keeping bottled water on-hand if you’re exercising or doing any activity outdoors.

The point? Your body needs water. But if guzzling glass after glass doesn’t float your boat, try mixing it up with some flavourful infusions such as cucumber, mint, or berries, ‘fruity’ ice cubes, or one of these delicious cool concoctions!

Ginger Lychee Lemonade

Tart meets sweet in this cool cup that’s both healthy and hydrating to boot! 


• ½ cup ginger (minced)

• ½ cup fresh lemon juice

• Ice cubes (as needed)

• 1 glass lychee juice

• 1 cup grapes

• ½ cup chia seeds

• Mint leaves

• A pinch of salt


• In a jar, combine the minced ginger, lemon juice, and lychee juice.

• Add some ice, and salt to taste and blend well.

• Pour the mixture in a jar. Add the sliced grapes and chia seeds and mix well with a spoon.

• Garnish it with mint leaves and serve chilled.

(Source: Chef Vicky Ratnani/ 

Raspberry Lemon Iced Tea

It doesn’t get much more ‘summer-in-a-glass’ than this as an iced tea classic gets a ‘berry’ delicious upgrade. 


For the syrup

• 2 cups fresh raspberries, plus extra for garnish

• 1 cup sugar

• ¼ cup water

For the lemon iced tea

• Juice of 4 lemons

• 1 lemon, thinly-sliced for garnish

• 2 cups water

• 1 tsp tea leaves, or 1 tea-bag


To make the syrup

• In a saucepan, mix all the ingredients and bring it to a boil.

• Once done, lower the heat and let simmer until the berries are softened. This should take about ten minutes.

• Let the mixture cool and then strain the syrup to a jar using a sieve.

To make the lemon tea

• In a deep pan, bring two cups of water to a boil.

• Add tea to the pan, cover, and turn off the heat. Let it brew for five minutes.

• Once done, strain the tea into the raspberry syrup jar using a sieve.

• Next, add the lemon juice and give it a stir.

• Keep the tea in the refrigerator until it cools down completely.

• To serve, drop some ice cubes in a glass, add a slice of lemon, two or three fresh raspberries, and pour over the raspberry iced tea.


Banana Sushi

Craving a quick-and-easy cool snack to chase down that tall, cool glass of summer spritzer? This fool-proof sweet treat is just the ticket.


• 1 medium banana

• 1 Tbsp nut butter (any kind will work!)

• Optional toppings: chopped nuts, chia seeds, shredded coconut


• Peel banana and then spread on one tablespoon of nut butter.

• Sprinkle on optional toppings and press them lightly into the nut butter to ensure they’ll stick.

• Using a sharp knife, evenly slice banana into ‘sushi’ pieces.

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