Ageless Beauty

24 Jul 2019
POSTED BY Y Magazine

You’re only as old as you feel – and for all those young-at-hearts who want to look the part, we’ve rounded up some of beauty’s best little helpers to get you on your way.

Full disclosure – the beauty industry can be ruthless in its attempt to sell us on our insecurities and perceived flaws. And that’s not okay. What’s important to make clear that what makes us beautiful can’t be bought, sold, injected, caked, or painted on our face. Products fade, but a smile is timeless; and every wrinkle, frown and laugh line well-earned as signs of a life lived. Beauty, at any age, is always a reflection of what’s inside.

With that in mind, we understand that the first signs of aging can still be alarming – and we’re not always ready to welcome the start of this new stage of life. We here at Team Y have weathered our fair share of incoming gray hairs, and lines on our faces where there were none before and embracing these changes as they came took time for some of us – but it was also liberating.

So, to make the transition a little easier, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite gentle products to help take the edge off aging, without interfering too much in what nature intended.

Protect and nourish

Regardless what age you are – nothing damages your skin faster than the sun. That’s why regular use of a daily SPF moisturizer can prove essential in delaying the onset of those fine lines, wrinkles and sunspots. We love Olay Regenerist Whip Face Moisturizer SPF 25 (RO14.9), as its fast-absorbing with skin-boosting peptides that leave you fresh-faced.

Fade fine lines

While we can’t escape those wrinkles forever, we can help minimize their early onset by using a retinol-based formula cream which helps diminish fine lines by encouraging skin-cell turnover. While most retinol products are on the pricier side, you can snag RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream for just RO5.7 at most local department stores or pharmacies.

Strengthen your strands

As we age, our hair can naturally become thinner due to a number of factors that include changes in hormone levels or even our diet. Add to that a life-time of hair-colouring, sun exposure and product damage and you’ve got a recipe for brittle, broken hair the more you age. Enter Strivectin Ultimate Restore Densifying Foam Treatment (RO16.9). This hair-saver is a restorative blessing for your tresses, helping to reduce hair loss and strengthen your strands.

Smooth out your pout

Our lips aren’t immune to those fine lines either as we age! That’s why it’s ideal to select a formula of lip-colour that’s hydrating – since matte varieties can tend to clump up or define, rather than smooth over, any lines. A colour rule of thumb? A perky pink in a punchy shade that complements your skin-tone always makes you look fresh and youthful! (And a sincere smile never hurt either!) We love Maybelline New York Lip Studio Lip Color Palette (RO1.7) and are pretty sure you will too!

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