4 Voice-Activated Gadgets We Can’t Get Enough Of

04 Jul 2019
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

Y’s Digital Editor, Alvin Thomas, looks to the power of the voice to make life easier for everybody.

Smart Watch

Calling the Mont Blanc Summit 2 a smart watch is a crime; it’s a work of art. The Swiss-made watch blends premium watch materials with top-notch craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology. Enclosed in a 42mm titanium watch body and protected by sapphire glass, the smart watch takes the crown with Google’s Wear OS, which comes with its own voice assistant as well. The device can take commands and can execute them from within the watch itself. It can also read your messages, emails, and help control home apps by simply using your voice. On the hardware side of things, you get a heart rate monitor, gyroscope, NFC for payments, accelerometer, GPS, and access to Google Play. Get yours from montblanc.com for RO383.

In Control

Whether you like it or not, technology is taking over the world around us. And while that could raise privacy, safety and concerns, it is expected to make our everyday lives easier. Falling into such a realm of devices is the ivee – a voice-activated (duh!) gadget that can control everything from your lights to your audio system and even the TV and a/c in your home. The battery-powered device also comes with dual-microphones for accuracy, a light and temperature sensor, and FM radio. Our favourite feature, however, is the added functionality for apps such as Spotify (for music streaming) and Lockitron (a home safety assistant). It’ll only set you back RO11.2 from amazon.com.

Safety First

It’s every biker’s dream turned into a reality. The Skully Fenix AR takes a forward-thinking approach to a rider’s safety with its new carbon-fibre smart helmet. Not only will it protect your head in the event of a crash; while driving, it will also display vital information such as your speed, turn-by-turn navigation, and a feed from a camera mounted on the rear for viewing traffic. All of this is then presented to the driver on a heads-up display mounted on the helmet visor. As an added treat, the helmet will play music and take voice commands to avoid taking your eyes from the road and your hands from the handles. Buy this from skully.com for RO730.9.

Editor’s Pick

Hi Alexa

We don’t suppose coming up with new technology is a big ask when you’re the world’s richest human and have a slew of innovators working for you. But, due credit must go to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos for constantly modernising his already sophisticated lineup of offerings. Taking the centrestage is the company’s Alexa voice-assistant with the Echo Dot. The smart speaker – which is already the world’s best-selling one – comes with voice recognition and added functionality to take actions based on your commands. The Echo Dot, which is now in its third generation, can control the lights in your home, narrate your audio books, play music, adjust thermostats and lights, and sync up with other Alexa-enabled devices – all with a simple voice command. Amazon boasts the Echo Dot can perform more than 50,000 tasks. Get yours from amazon.com for RO19.24.

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